Top 11 Blog Posts for 2017
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Top 11 Blog Posts for 2017

Another excellent year for TalentLMS, marked by our 5th anniversary, is coming to an end. It was a year of challenges and progress for us but also for the broader eLearning industry. So, before exchanging wishes and calling it a “year,” let’s take a second look at our most popular guides and insights for 2017.

1. Make Your eLearning Stick: 8 Tips & Techniques For Learning Retention

Learning retention is a critical objective of any successful eLearning program. Why? Because when learners absorb what they get from a course, they’re better prepared for the courses that follow.

Scratch out knowledge gaps, and they’re more likely to make actual progress and develop consistently. But scoring high retention rates is not an easy feat. These cool ideas, from storytelling techniques to engaging simulations, will help you pull it off like a pro.

2. How Fostering A Learning Culture Will Help Your Organization Grow!

In any thriving organization, people are invited to work in a productive environment. It’s what makes employees invested in company success and motivates them to bring their A-game every single workday. Awesome, right? The key is to revamp your company culture into a “learning culture.”

Provide your people with non-stop opportunities to learn and develop, foster a collaborative mindset, and the rest will fall into place. To do that, though, you might have to make these radical changes.

3. Training Needs Analysis: A Step-By-Step Guide To Identify Performance Gaps In Your Organization

Sometimes employee performance is not synced to your organization’s objectives. Your training program seems to tick all the right boxes, but something is still missing. That’s when you need to act smart, identify all existing performance gaps swiftly and pin down your staff’s actual training needs.

However, from performance analysis to training rearrangement, there’s a specific path you have to follow. Here’s the roadmap!

4. The 2020 Workplace – The Future Workplace Trends You Should Know Right Now

When “the future ain’t what it used to be,” as the saying goes, you have to stay updated on what’s next in the workplace. Imagine if the “death of the office” caught you unaware or if you had no clue what chatbot recruiting is. Worry no more!

These real-deal insights are perfect for the HR manager that expects the best but prepares for the worst.

5. Learn Your Lines: Training Scenarios for Award-Winning Courses

Advancements in technology often bring major shifts in the workplace. Just what AI and Robotics are expected to do in the near future. Automated tasks, though, can only replace a specific spectrum of competencies leaving humans to do the rest. What’s that? Work that requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

For sharpening those skills, there’s no better training solution than “scenario-based learning.” To get you started, here’s all the what, when, how and why’s.

6. Beat the Machines with these 10 Employability Skills for the Future!

Little by little, technology is taking over the workplace, and it feels like the future is already here affecting our everyday lives.

But we still have time to equip ourselves for what’s coming, including the rapid changes in everybody’s employability status. Have no fear! If you wanna be set for a smooth transition in the upcoming job market, these ten skills will make your future self-hip and highly employable.

You're Simply the Best: The Best of TalentLMS' Blog for 2017

7. How To Retain Great Talent: Hiring Is Only The Beginning

As a potential agent for growth, an organization’s top talent should be integral to any long-term development plan. But exceptional employees are keepers as they pursue more than salaries. They crave for personal advancement, so having them on board for the long haul takes more than typical financial incentives.

Let’s face it! Employee retention is all about keeping your best people motivated and happy. This how you do it, starting from day one.

8. How to create a training plan that will actually work

Employee training is often a somewhat standard process. It allows trainees to go through the motions, get their “chores” out of the way and drag back to their working routines. An efficient training program is nothing like that. It keeps learners engaged and produces measurable results to enable evaluation and improvement.

If your training drags, it’s never too late to give it a spark. This brief guide to laying and executing an awesome training plan will show you how.

9. eLearning Course Design: 10+1 Steps To Success

Building an efficient and engaging eLearning program takes time and preparation. Most of that effort is dedicated to course design.

To be fair, courses are your program’s most vital components. They combine all your content into a cohesive learning experience to keep learners involved and productive. It makes sense to make them beautiful, content-rich, and well-written. The good news is that course design is a creative process as much as it is practical.

These helpful guidelines show you the fun way to tangible results.

10. Are Chatbots the Next Big Thing in Digital Learning?

Chatbots have been popping on our screens for some time now, making conversation. Sometimes it’s to provide guidance and information. Other times it’s to promote products and services. Yet, chatbots are becoming more advanced by the hour.

Capabilities such as semantics analysis and machine learning enable more intuitive interaction. They learn and adapt to any specific user. Already an integral part of digital assistant technology, could chatbots change eLearning as we know it?

11. Corporate Training Costs: Tips That Will Make Them Next to Zero

Training your employees to take up different job roles is often a time-consuming and costly operation. The same goes for getting new hires on board quickly and efficiently.

Yet both are inevitable because poor training done on the cheap is more expensive in the long run and yields little return. Cheer up! You don’t always have to compromise quality to keep your company’s training costs under control. Just follow these expert tips and watch the magic happen.

That’s it! Now, go have a great new year’s celebration and let the knowledge sink in. On our side, we wish you the best and we promise to keep the awesome content coming.

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