Integrating TalentLMS with Zapier

Integrating Talentlms with ZapierZapier is a service that can help you automate tasks between pairs of online services (services like Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail, and 190 more). In essence, zapier lets you integrate 2 systems through their API without writing even one line of code.

TalentLMS is the first lms that gets integrated with Zapier. You can use this integration to sychronize your users between TalentLMS and a variety of other services. For example, do you want to insert to your TalentLMS domain any new user form your Zendesk account? You can do so really easily. Do you want to synchronize users from your Highrise account with your TalentLMS domain? Again, this is pretty easy to do.

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to use TalentLMS services via Zapier. Starting, you need to create a zapier account – it is free to do so.

Currently TalentLMS-Zapier service offers the following triggers and actions (more on zapier actions and triggers here):



  • New User (users): It is triggered each time a new user is created inside your TalentLMS domain. The result of this trigger is a json that contains details about the new user in the following format:

    "timezone":"(GMT +02:00) Athens, Istanbul, Minsk",
    "created_on":"02\/04\/2013, 14:19:15",
    "bio":"some description of the users",


  • New User(user_signup): This action allows you to signup users to your TalentLMS domain. It receives five required fields. Those are: First Name (first_name), Last Name (last_name), Login (login), Password (password), Email (email).

In this guide we a going to demonstrate two examples; each one explaining the aforementioned actions and triggers. For demonstration purposes we are going to use TalentLMS services along with the corresponding services of MailChimp. For even more options you can explore all the services provided by Zapier here.

First of all you need to create a Zap. You can do this from your dashboard. Browse there and click Create a new Zap.

For the next step you have to choose your triggering service and the corresponding trigger.

chooce trigger

Do the same for your action service. Next you have to connect an account for your trigger and action service. Regarding TalentLMS you will have to provide your TalentLMS domain and API key (which you can find under Account & Settings > Basic settings > Security) and also a name for this account. Make sure that your account is working by clicking Test this Account.

Connect your TalentLMS account_zapier
Connect your TalentLMS account by providing a name and your TalentLMS domain and API key

The next step is the filtering of your TalentLMS users. You can skip this step if you do not want to apply some filters on the data from TalentLMS.

Custom Filters
Add a custom filter field to run a more advanced filtering on the data received from TalentLMS

Following, you have to map your TalentLMS data received by your trigger, to the data needed for the action of the services you want to connect. Make sure that you fill in all the required fields with the desired values. You can do that either by using the autocomplete options or by using the variable syntax provided by Zapier. In this example we are connecting TalentLMS with MailChimp so an example of doing so is the following….

Map TalentLMS trigger data to the other service action _zapier
Map TalentLMS trigger data to the other service action

As soon as you have completed that you are pretty much done!

Just try out your Zap to check that everything is alright and then give it a name before you go live. You Zap will automatically check for users every 15  minutes and if finds a new user registered to your TalentLMS domain it is going to forward him to the service that you have chosen.

Again if you want do the exact opposite, that is to have some data pulled from another service and then use this data to create a new user into your TalentLMS domain start from the beginning but this time choose TalentLMS as your action service and the New User action for your action. Connect your TalentLMS account and the account of the other service that you have chosen and make sure that your accounts are working. Then make sure that you apply the necessary filters in case you need some custom filtering on the data for your Zap. Next, map the data received for your chosen service to the corresponding data required by the New User action of TalentLMS. In our MailChimp example the following screenshot show you how to do this mapping.

Map your service's trigger data with TalentLMS New User action_zapier
Map your service’s trigger data with TalentLMS New User action

Try out your Zap, give it a name and make it live.

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