New Test Question Types and Other Features

Change_New Test QuestionWhile you are most probably bathing under the sun, we are hard at work to improve and deliver a product we can all be proud of! We take learning progress very seriously, and one of the ways to track progress within Talentlms is by taking Tests. Today we would like to introduce you to some of the exciting new tests features we just rolled out:

New Test Question Types

Free Text Questions

Free Text questions are our way of saying that there is no template to a good answer. The learner can now answer freely, so long as his answer contains certain keywords (chosen by the Instructor) which are awarded points on mention.

Free Text Question_New Test Question


You will notice that on our last Option of keywords to award points, we’ve added the option for the learner to choose between “heat” or “temperature” (Separated with the symbol “|”). This means that we would award points on an “Either-Or” basis, depending on the word used in the text.


Randomized Questions

This is where things become plain fun! Say you’ve created a pool of 15 questions, and you want to make your tests more exciting; you now have the option to group up a number of questions from your pool, and create a randomized question which will provide the learner with a different question from the pool, each time.

Randomized Questions_New Test Question


Set Questions Weight
From now on, questions can be weighed on a scale from 0 to 5. If a question is weighed “0” this means that any answer (Right or Wrong) will not bear any significance toward the final grade. If a question is weighed anywhere from “1-5” that means that for the final grade, the points will be multiplied by the weight of the question and then divided by the sum of Weights on the test.

Set Question Weight_New Test Question

New Test Repetition/Abandon and Security Features


Test Repetitions: Maximum Repetitions can now be set

We previously had the option to allow Learners to repeat a test they didn’t pass. Now, the Instructor has the ability to set the amount of times he/she wants for the test to be offered. This gives the Instructor the freedom to be lenient, but also constraints the Learner to a set amount of times he/she can experiment. As a bonus, you can also control the amount of time a Learner needs to wait before he can redo the test; and different attempts can come with different waiting periods.


Abandon Immediately Whenever Cannot Pass

We value your time! We’ve introduced this feature to save your time doing tests, and funnel that time into being actually productive.

How it works: Let’s say for example that a test has three questions of the same weight (33.3% each). If the passing grade for a test is 50%, and the learner answers two questions Wrong, that means that his maximum possible outcome is 33.3%, which is insufficient to pass the test. This mechanism will automatically terminate the test; if the “Allow Repetitions (if not passed)” option is ticked, the Learner can re-do the test from the beginning.


Security FeatureRequire Learner Snapshot

Require Learner Snapshot is a way for Instructors to be sure that learners are the ones both learning and taking assessments.  It’s also a way to make sure you always look good when taking tests! Win-Win. The feature currently only works with Chrome and Firefox.


Abandon Test & Security Features_New Test Question


We continuously strive to bring quality features for our valued users. If you have any feedback you feel would benefit you and the community, please feel free to speak your mind in our support and suggestion portal.

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