TalentLMS Features & Updates

TalentLMS – Get started in 5′

TalentLMS - Get started in 5'Below you will find a short video that explains how to get started with TalentLMS.

It shows the path from creating a domain, to adding a course with material from various sources and how to complete it.

What you should always have in mind is that TalentLMS was built in order to be easy to use, easy to customize and finally, easy to become your own personal elearning portal.

Our lean philosophy reflects on this elearning platform, which offers a unique solution to those who wish to stand out in the elearning industry with a simple, efficient and attractive application in hand.

We plan to add several videos on the future and bundle them as short courses inside TalentLMS. We are confident you’ll find them mostly helpful.


Have fun and remember…TalentLMS is a super-easy path to awesome learning. We carry over the experience for the successful eFrontLMS and we are confident that this Αpp is exactly what educators and small businesses are looking for. And keep your feeds updated with this blog as a lot of new and interesting features are about to be…real in due time.



  • Vivienne Eggers

    How does this factor in intellectual copyright? Also Wiki is not accepted by most universities as a legitimate reference source. Cut and pasting materials from the internet – does not allow an educator to validate or be accountable for their learning materials. Final question – if it is on the cloud – who manages the data?