Testing with TalentLMS – Assess, reinforce, curate knowledge

Testing with TalentLMS – Assess, reinforce, curate knowledgeImplementing a testing strategy within your course can be quite complicated, especially when you need to deal with a number of learning teams and topics that may differentiate.

What is needed there is a versatile system of assessing the course participants and reinforcing knowledge through feedback. Also, the instructor must be able to use the results as a follow up of the course within a framework of statistics for extra useful assumptions.

“Evaluate your course participants at no extra cost, as often as you like, using any form and get real time results”.

So, this is where TalentLMS “comes in” providing a useful approach to this issue and allowing the instructor to include a specific strategy with respect to assessing the participants.

“TalentLMS testing function is based on the same lean and easy to use approach as the whole platform is“.

You can use testing to assess people and improve their knowledge:

–         Anytime during the course

–         As often as you like

Also, you can choose among:

–         Fixed tests

–         Randomized tests

And for the results you can choose:

–         If you want the participant to know the results or not

–         If you want the results to be part of a statistics form

–         What is the average scores and recent results by others

–         Obviously, you can instantly find out the mistakes of the participants and save time by giving them more specific feedback

Questions asked in each chapter

The testing function at TalentLMS is not only useful for assessing people. It can be used also as a learning tool at the end of each course unit. Answering a few summarizing questions at the end of each“chapter” the participant gets a very easy way to recap the basics of the course so far.

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