What is Compliance training?

Compliance training is the process of educating employees on the various state, industry or company mandated laws and regulations that apply to their roles and responsibilities. Some markets and industries are more heavily regulated than others and thus businesses working in these sectors have to invest more heavily in compliance training programs.


Why it is Important

For most types of compliance training, there's no question of its importance, as a company simply cannot operate without it. This is true for all kinds of state mandated compliance training.

Furthermore, failure to comply with the state and industry mandated rules and guidelines can translate into hefty fines, and in some cases, the loss of your operating license.

Benefits of Compliance Training

Considering the serious implications of failing to comply with one's industry rules and regulations, it is of the utmost importance for a company to ensure that its employees are well trained and thoroughly informed of all compliance laws and regulations that are relevant to its' operation.

There are also lighter types of compliance training e.g. with "green" environmental guidelines or racism/harassment policies that, while not mandated, can help your employees avoid improper conduct and thus spare your company much embarrassment, negative publicity, and costly litigation.

How can this be applied to your company?

If you operate in a regulated industry, there's no avoiding compliance training. For handling it, there are three different options: a) outsource your compliance training to another company, b) do traditional, classroom-based compliance training on your premises, c) invest in a future-proof eLearning-based compliance training platform.

While outsourcing your compliance training might be tempting, especially if you are a very small company, most major companies, from Fortune 500 behemoths to tens of thousands of SMEs and organizations have chosen to take full control of their compliance training, skip the confinements and costs of classroom-based training, and go forward with online, LMS-based compliance training programs.

Examples of compliance training

  • Food preparation, storage and transportation rules, applicable to numerous industries, from the food industry to the restaurant, hospitality, logistics and aviation industries.
  • Regulations regarding the storage and handling of customer data (corporate security training, applicable to retailers, shopping chains, web stores, etc.)
  • Environmental laws and regulations (applicable to all kinds of industries, from manufacturing and construction to oil refineries and waste treatment facilities).
  • Healthcare-related laws and regulations (too numerous to mention, applicable anywhere from hospitals to pharmacies and beyond)
  • Franchisee operating procedures and guidelines (enforced by the franchise owner and applicable to the huge and ever-increasing franchise industry)

How TalentLMS can help

TalentLMS is the industry leading Cloud-based corporate eLearning platform that gives you all the tools and functionality you need to implement effective (and cost-effective) online compliance training.

  • TalentLMS makes your compliance training program automatic and repeatable, ensuring that your employees are taught the exact same material.
  • TalentLMS is available 24/7, freeing your employees from the rigid schedules of classroom-based training and letting them study at their own pace, from wherever they want (even on the go, or offline).
  • In TalentLMS, compliance training can be combined with online tests and quizzes, so that you know exactly how well your employees are faring.
  • A single TalentLMS account can be used to train any number of employees, from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands, letting you scale your training programs as you grow your business.
  • A TalentLMS-based compliance program is much more cost effective than a physical classroom-based program since it doesn't incur the extra costs of renting physical space, paying dedicated instructors, and covering travel expenses.
  • TalentLMS keeps a digital record of your compliance training attendance and progress.
  • TalentLMS' Certificate support helps you keep track of which users have completed their compliance training courses. Plus, for industries that mandate periodic re-training, TalentLMS lets you have certificates that auto-expire after a certain time passes.

Some features that will help you facilitate Compliance Training

  • TalentLMS' powerful and intuitive content creation tools make easy work of creating your compliance material.
  • TalentLMS' Quizzes and Tests help you access your learner's progress.
  • TalentLMS' Reports give you full insight of your compliance training program at the macro- and micro- level.
  • TalentLMS' Branches feature allows you to you create separate compliance training programs to cater to the needs of different facilities, departments, branches, etc. of your company.
  • TalentLMS' SSO, Integrations and REST API make it a breeze to integrate it within the rest of your IT infrastructure.
  • Being a full featured eLearning platform means that you can use TalentLMS not just for your Compliance Training but also for your Employee Onboarding and Corporate Training.
  • TalentLMS' eCommerce capabilities mean that you can use it to sell Compliance Training programs to other companies too.
  • TalentLMS comes with an integrated eLearning Marketplace where you can find ready-made compliance training programs for all kinds of industries.

Last, but not least: TalentLMS is Cloud-based, meaning that there's no installation, maintenance, or backups for you to worry about. Our expert team takes care of all of those, while you focus on your real training needs.

Compliance Training is a necessity for all kinds of industries, and web-based LMS platforms like TalentLMS offer the fastest and most cost effective way to meet your company's compliance demands.

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