What is Support training

Support training is the best way to impart specific and technical knowledge to your support team as well as update all employees on new product releases or features. It also allows new hires to share in your company's culture and ensure they are ready to start working, with confidence, almost immediately.


Why it is Important

While throwing your customers a manual or an online FAQ and letting them figure your product out for themselves can work for very simple, or very cheap products (where people don't expect much of you anyway), it is a non starter for any company that wants to have a successful presence in demanding markets, especially ones with big competition.

Nowadays, customer support is a standard part of how products and services are evaluated and reviewed, and great support can be both a differentiating factor for a new business in a saturated market, and a way for an established player to maintain its dominance.

On the other hand, support is an area of business with a high churn rate, as it usually attracts younger employees that can't all be promoted to other positions, meaning that sooner or later, they will be forced to leave to advance their career elsewhere.

An eLearning-based support training program allows you to train your support staff in a cost- and time-effective way, all the way from on-boarding and basic support training to periodic re-training courses as you launch new products or services. It also gives you the means to access and take advantage of your most talented support employees, helping reduce the churn rate and keep support-savvy people in the organization.

Benefits of doing it

eLearning-based support training ensures that your support staff has been formally taught and is knowledgeable of the features, intricacies, and common issues with your products and/or services.

eLearning-based support training is less costly than classroom based training and less disruptive to your business (e.g. you can have your support personnel re-train at their own pace and outside of their regular shifts, without requiring them to be at the office for doing so).

Online training content is also available at any time, and can be consulted by your customer support staff even when on the job, or whenever they want to refresh their memory, thus serving as both training material and live support guide.

eLearning-based support training also gives you a plethora of learner assessment tools (such as TalentLMS' Tests, Quizzes, Reports, Gamification achievements, and learner infographic), helping you keep track of your training program's efficiency and your support staff's training progress in minute detail.

How can it be applied to your company

The first step in creating your eLearning-based support training program would be to list all the products and services you need to provide support for, breakdown their feature set and functionality, and describe the most common usage scenarios as well as the most common problems that can occur, along with solutions to those problems.

For this you will need input from your product designers or other product specialists, as well as some research into real world use of your products. If you offer a product manual, most of this information will already be in there, but you can of course keep adding to this material as you discover new issues that your customers are facing, or different ways to deal with some particular issue (e.g. a firmware update).

Of course you will also need to create different support training material depending on the different levels of support that you offer (e.g. in-store support training, help desk support training, etc).

If you ran a conventional classroom-based training program before that, you can also gather all material used in that (PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, videos, etc) to incorporate into your online training.

TalentLMS makes creating new training material very easy, allowing you to easy write and format original content, incorporate existing content, and embed all kinds of multimedia assets.

Note that aside from customer support training, you can leverage TalentLMS to train any internal support department within your company (e.g. by offering technical support training to new hires in your IT department).

Support training:

  • Helps quickly on-board and train new support hires
  • Helps keep your support staff up to date with your latest products and services
  • Allows your business to be agile in its offerings with a support staff that's ready to assist customers as soon as the new products or services are launched
  • Gives your support staff the knowledge to handle delicate customer support scenarios
  • Helps you reduce costs by making support training cheaper at a larger scale (up to thousands of employees)


A computer peripherals maker can utilize a single, centralized, TalentLMS eLearning portal account for training all of its support staff, or even for training its entire support network (of resellers, etc).

TalentLMS will allow them to easily create any number of courses, starting from an on-boarding course to quickly welcome new support hires, to in-depth courses on specific products, troubleshooting techniques, etc. Lessons might include all new material (written directly in the platform's content editors), but also incorporate existing documents, presentations, images and videos (e.g. product manuals in PDF format).

When deployed, the support training material can be used to train employees, whether as a single group or as separate teams, even across multiple facilities and countries, while still being centrally administered and secured. Whether the support team spans a single location or many, instructors and company executives still get total insight on the training program's success and individual learners training progress through TalentLMS' reporting tools.

How TalentLMS can help

  • Enterprises can design, create, deploy and manage their own support courses
  • One TalentLMS-based eLearning portal will accommodate up to tens of thousands of users
  • Instructors can keep track of the support staffs' progress through reports, tests, surveys, notifications and auto-generated infographics
  • with the eLearning portal always available, learners are able to study at their own pace and can refer back to older material whenever they need to refresh their memory of something
  • TalentLMS' native mobile applications (for iOS and Android) let your learners take advantage of micro-learning on the go (even when offline)
  • A TalentLMS-based support training program is much more cost-effective than classroom based training, as it doesn't incur the cost for renting physical space or travel expenses, and learners can study by themselves without having an instructor present. Plus, with TalentLMS being Cloud-based, it also doesn't incur any costs or planning for your datacenter and IT staff.

Some features that will help your Support training program

  • TalentLMS offers powerful and intuitive content creation tools, making it extremely simple to create your own support training courses and keep them up to date
  • TalentLMS' Quizzes and Tests help you access your support staff and rank them according to their training performance and understanding of your support material
  • With TalentLMS' extensive set of built-in Reports and customizable reporting options, you have full insight of your learners progress over time
  • TalentLMS' native mobile applications let your support staff study wherever they have some time, whether on their daily commute or relaxing back at home
  • TalentLMS' Surveys let you gather valuable feedback from your support staff that you can use to improve your training material or any other aspect of your support services for that matter
  • TalentLMS' Branches feature allows you to deploy independent centrally managed portals with their own branding, users and configuration assigned to different support teams (or, any other department in your organization, since you can use TalentLMS for all your training needs, not just support training)
  • If your support program needs to include some real-time webinar or in-person training session, TalentLMS Instructor-Led Training features will let you seamlessly integrate those too alongside your regular eLearning content
  • Last, but not least, TalentLMS is an industry leading LMS platform, that can be used for any corporate training scenario. You can leverage its powerful features, ease of use and overall flexibility for pre-employment training, on-boarding, general corporate training, marketing training, knowledge retention, etc.

Highly-effective support training is the easiest way to get your employees introduced to your company and make sure that they are productive in the support department quickly.

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