Simple, nav-friendly, solid set of features
This is an awesome product - a real winner in my book. Simple, easy to use, nav friendly, solid set of features

— Craig Weiss, Thought Leader & Analyst

Zen lms
This is really impressive. It is like a Zen LMS, no distraction, full concentration. Good balance in beauty, simplicity and efficiency. Congratulations!

— Agnaldo Santos, Designer & Instructor

Exactly what I needed
I am Director of Administrative Systems for a small business. I looked into quite a few LMS systems before settling on TalentLMS. We have been using for 4 months and currently have 35 courses entered. We plan to have this system replace on-site annual, mandatory training and certifications required by the company. The system is incredibly easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. It is meeting all of our needs. Easy, accessible and affordable for a small but distributed business - Alaska to Florida - of 25 to 40 people. I am thrilled with this system and would highly recommend!

— TS Lane

Awesome Software!
I've been using TalentLMS for about 4 months and I continue to be impressed with the platform. It was easy to setup; I was able to embed existing SCORM modules and link external content; and the 100+ users are finding it very intuitive to use (meaning very few user support issues). Thanks TalentLMS, for being exactly what I needed.

— Cindy

Lovely light-weight training system
The team at TalentLMS have put together a lovely, user-friendly tool which makes reusing other content, recording learning, and assessing competency easy.

— Nat

Great product for those looking for a fast to use platform
Easy to create and administrate courses and users. All the important features you need when you look for a simple to use eLearning platform are here. Well articulate platform, no bugs so far. Great support team, with quick feedback to users'needs. Relevant and frequent updates.

— Adina G.