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I’ve evaluated dozens of eLearning solutions, and I can say that some of them were too expensive for what they offered. For its price and feature set, TalentLMS is a goldmine.

Christopher Pappas, Founder @ eLearning Industry

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The LMS built for maximum buy-in

Training software that’s easy to use

With a highly intuitive interface, TalentLMS creates a distraction-free environment and makes learning a breeze. Your learners navigate through the platform easily, and access information in a snap.

Course creation in a snap

Reuse your presentations and videos or choose from a wide range of online material with our social integrations. Make stunning courses with minimal effort.

Suited to your needs

Your own custom domain, logo, and theme. Create an environment that is entirely your choice. Fully customize your portal to match your brand.

Always available on the cloud

No need to install, upgrade or back up anything. TalentLMS is a cloud-powered training platform. Create online training without worrying about hosting.

Choose your training.

Get everyone to say “yes” to training

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Straight from our customers

We needed a platform that was ready for deployment, rather than building something from scratch. Within a week, we had TalentLMS up and running and developed about 10 courses.Corin Birchall|roland-logo

Because we have a fairly large dealership network we needed to have a system that was able to incorporate a large number of users. And it had to be cost-effective, too.Andrew Greene|isuzu-ute-logo

With TalentLMS training, our partners can provide more effective and faster servicecustomers are happy, and downtime is reduced to almost nothing.Ladislav Vigh|formlabs-logo

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