Unlock your teams’ full potential with TalentLMS: Employee training software for growing companies

Get better results with better adoption on the easiest-to-use employee training software.


Get a better ROI on training with the right employee training software

that saves you time, money, and effort.

Reclaim your time

Enjoy hassle-free admin by automating repetitive tasks, like grading tests and assigning courses.

Save on training

Cut travel, venue, and instructor costs out of the picture by switching to an online employee training program.

Train without compromise

Save your teams valuable focus time by offering self-led employee training available online and on demand.

Create courses easily

Build transcendent training in a snap with intuitive tools that let HR and instructors work together with ease.

Train and retain talent

Train skilled workers and boost retention by preparing your people to succeed in their careers.

Boost employee performance

Get your people up to speed, fast. Now, better performance doesn’t rely on quarterly employee training days.

How TalentLMS

transforms employee training

Reduce user friction

Delight all users (yourself included) with an intuitive interface on online employee training software that’s easy to learn, use, and like.

With TalentLMS online employee training gets easier.

Gamify the learning experience

Transform employee training into an addictive game with the best employee training software. Make learning fun with points, badges, and leaderboards to see a rise in adoption.

Number one employee training platform with gamification features for extra employee training engagement.

Track learner progress

Prove your employee training platform’s worth. Monitor progress from a dynamic dashboard and create any custom report you need.

TalentLMS is an employee training software that tracks your learners progress and engagement.

Adapt to change

Pivot between different ways of work in times of uncertainty. Offer self-led learning, or ILT sessions with built-in videoconferencing.

Meet with your teams at any time with the best training software for employees.

TalentLMS is recognized across the board

by independent software review sites as an eLearning industry leader.

Prioritize your security

Secure your sensitive data on an LMS  certified as ISO and GDPR compliant, and with the latest data encryption protocols.

Sync your tech stack

Sit back with stress-free, no-code integrations on TalentLMS for an uninterrupted training flow.

70,000+ teams enjoy online employee training
on TalentLMS.

See what some of them have to say:

TalentLMS is a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable online training platform. The truth is that I liked it from the first day I started using it because it covers all internal and external training needs. I can also manage reports, import, and export data easily.

Gilbert T. | Source: G2

TalentLMS is easy to implement, simple to use, and provides far greater adaptability to our staff who can complete training from anywhere. The ability to automate and have courses re-assign for annual training makes maintaining proper training schedules a breeze. It saves dozens of FTE hours in assigning courses and tracking completions.

Cindy D | Source:G2

I love how easy it is to use. I’ve created courses, questions, surveys, SCORM, video and there’s not been one sticking point. And every time I think, oh it can’t do that – I go to help, and voila!  It actually can!

Randee M | Source:G2

Successful orgs prioritize employee training

  • 85%

    of HR leaders find training beneficial for organizational growth

  • 76%

    of employees are more likely to stay with orgs that offer continuous training

  • 57%

    of employees pursue learning opportunities outside of workplace training

The State of L&D – TalentLMS & SHRM research

No content? No problem. This is TalentLibrary™

Recover your time from course creation and save on subject matter experts. Tack TalentLibrary onto your TalentLMS subscription and train your teams to succeed with a growing collection of hard and soft skills courses. Now with one employee training software, you can have it all!

Train your people. Measure results. Drive growth.

TalentLMS gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your training.


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