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“TalentLMS lets Hudl customize the platform through custom colors and fonts, and ensure it really feels like Hudl through custom CSS.”

LocationNebraska, US
Use caseCustomer Service Training, Employee Training
Size of company


About Hudl

Hudl is a sports video analysis software company serving teams at every level with the tools to study and improve performance. With over 1,200 employees in offices in Nebraska, Boston, London and Sydney serving 4 million unique users and 164,000 teams, Hudl’s products are changing the way teams analyze performance.

The training challenge

With this innovative and forward-thinking agenda, it’s no wonder Hudl invests in both customer and employee training.

Hudl’s customer training serves to educate customers on the best use of their products. And with over 4 million unique users, Hudl needed a learning management platform that could be used by customers across the world.

Hudl’s internal training is delivered to employees in fifteen different countries and includes onboarding new hires, sales training, skill training and self-service training for management.

Hudl wanted one learning management platform that they could use to deploy training to both customers and employees. They also needed an LMS that would work seamlessly for users around the world.

Why Hudl chose TalentLMS

Hudl didn’t find TalentLMS, rather TalentLMS found them.

In 2015, Hudl acquired a company that was already using TalentLMS for their external training. At the time of the acquisition, Hudl didn’t have an LMS but they were in the process of testing various platforms. They added TalentLMS to their list.

After testing, the results were clear. TalentLMS had demonstrated that it could meet Hudl’s exact needs and requirements.

Specifically, there were five factors that proved TalentLMS the winner.

  • It could deliver both external and internal training from one easy-to-use platform.
  • It’s competitive pricing.
  • TalentLMS was available in all the languages Hudl needed to train learners in non-English speaking countries.
  • It could scale to include new users and new employees.
  • The platform offered features that allowed Hudl to segment and customize their training environments. i.e. create a French training environment for French speakers, a Spanish training environment for Spanish speakers and so on.

“TalentLMS lets Hudl customize the platform through custom colors and fonts, and ensure it really feels like Hudl through custom CSS.”

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The results

After using TalentLMS for 3 years to train both customers and employees, Hudl is thrilled with the results.

Hudl is impressed that TalentLMS is both easy to use and has powerful features. Notably, the learning and development team have been wowed by four features:

  • Branches

    In TalentLMS branches is the name given to the feature that allows Hudl to offer customized training portals in local languages.

  • Custom user types

    This little feature packs a punch and lets Hudl customize permissions of regional users. The ability to customize permissions is essential so that content is only ever accessed (edited and updated) by the right people.

  • Content

    Hudl says, “Between allowing video, audio, presentations, i-frame and regular content, TalentLMS keeps our courses engaging.”

  • Customization

    TalentLMS lets Hudl customize the platform through custom colors and fonts, and ensure it really feels like Hudl through custom CSS.

Together, Hudl and TalentLMS have trained thousands of customers and employees with great success. It’s no surprise. After all, Hudl at its essence, it all about leveraging teamwork.

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