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The AI LMS to generate cohesive courses, so you don’t have to TalentCraft helps you lay solid course foundations—or build complete units—in minutes

No credit card needed

Meet the new TalentLMS AI capability, TalentCraft.

World-leading orgs trust training created on TalentLMS, the AI-powered LMS

The AI LMS to launch training sooner rather than later

Deadlines don’t need to spell long hours and late nights. At least, not with TalentCraft. Delight in delivering on-time courses you only need to add your expertise to—if that.

The new AI is awesome and saves hours, if not days of writing content.

Donovan L. | Source: G2

Unleash training with an AI LMS for unmatched success

Engage every learner

Cater to different learning styles by immersing your people in beautiful courses, rich in interactivity.

Target missing skills

Never mind the skills gap. Because with personalized AI-generated courses, skills don’t have to wait to be trained up.

Enjoy intuitive AI

Prompting artificial intelligence might not come naturally. Which is why TalentCraft is so intuitive, you won’t ever feel obsolete.

Save money

Never feel the pinch of a tight budget. Relish the savings of a better development timeline and a fairly-priced AI LMS.

How your new favorite AI LMS transforms training

Start creating with a prompt, from imported content, or from ready-made templates.

Creates images

While TalentCraft could say a thousand words… sometimes a picture will do. Bring training to life with engaging imagery and provide visual references for your learners.

Guides your learners

Ensure your organization always works the way it’s supposed to. Help your learners replicate mandatory processes with step-by-step walkthroughs

Assesses knowledge transfer

Transform training from a rushed click-through exercise in one click. Guarantee your people are paying attention with tests based directly on course content.

More of what you can create with an AI learning platform

  • Texts

  • Images

  • Lists

  • Step-by-step processes

  • Flashcards

  • Table of contents

  • Tabs

  • Labeled graphics

  • Charts

  • Multiple choice questions

Your peers love TalentLMS’s AI-powered training

With the addition of TalentCraft, TalentLMS has become a one-stop-shop for all learning and development needs! TalentCraft allows us to offer everyone something easy to use, while also going above and beyond the simple video and PDFs.

Alison W. – HR Safety & Training Coordinator @ HRM Enterprises

The new TalentCraft AI capability is amazing! It is incredibly easy to use. It also has such a polished, professional, modern look. I cannot wait to create more content with this tool and update my existing content!

Ashley Douglas – Learning & Development Specialist @ Uptima

Frequently asked questions

My portal doesn’t support TalentCraft. How can I access it?

TalentCraft is available on TalentLMS+. All you need to do is make the switch to TalentLMS+. Follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base article to switch interfaces and start using TalentCraft.

Can I download and/or use my TalentCraft-generated content elsewhere?

Not right now. For the time being TalentCraft content can only be used in TalentLMS, and the content created cannot be exported.

Is TalentCraft content available on TalentLMS?

Yes, all content generated with TalentCraft can be viewed and taken from both TalentLMS and TalentLMS+. To edit the units you’ll need to be using TalentLMS+.

How many courses can I create using TalentCraft?

As many as you’d like. Keep in mind once beta closes, if you don’t upgrade your plan to include key TalentCraft functionalities, you might not be able to modify or add content using the creation tool.

Is TalentCraft content available on mobile?

Yes, learners can view TalentCraft content directly from their Android and iOS devices. It is not possible to edit content from a mobile device.

Why stretch course development timelines?

Generate training your teams will love—instantly.

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