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TalentLMS for compliance training: Protect your org and people from unchecked risk

Stay current with industry regulations and log your compliance on an engaging training platform.

Stress-free online compliance training

with TalentLMS

Ditch the complexities

Sail smoothly through your checklist with easy-to-use tools that make admin easy.

Prioritize safety

Nurture an organizational culture where following rules is an unshakeable habit. 

Sustain training

Quit weighing compliance against your training budget on a cost-effective LMS.

Comply with confidence

on TalentLMS

Check off compliance

Prove your compliance with crystal-clear training reports. Keep a log of every employee’s policy knowledge to protect both your org and your people from the legal and financial repercussions of noncompliance.

Save time and effort

Wave goodbye to grunt work. Run recertifications like clockwork. Send automatic reminders to learners when compliance training nears expiry, freeing you from calendar watching and the stress of missed deadlines.

With TalentLMS you can create automated messages and invitations to online training.

Keep content current

Ever-changing legislation and last-minute audits? No sweat. Adapt courses in a snap with the easy-to-use course builder and editor to keep your teams up to date without spending hours editing or scrapping handbooks.

Ensure knowledge transfer

Prevent accidents before they happen and run business as usual. Ensure all learners understand safety procedures with multiple test types, and reduce friction in courses with insight from completion surveys. 

Meet with your teams at any time with the best training software for employees.

Encourage learner engagement

Mandatory training can be a real chore. But fun gamification features get your learners coming back for more. Reward course completion with points and badges, and celebrate high achievers on the leaderboard. 

Your employees can get customized certifications and acknowledgments on our employee training platform.

Target your teams

Offer specific compliance courses to the teams that need them. Separate your learners by location, department, or role into different branches to pivot between different localities’ languages and regulations.

Make reports with your learners training progress.

Cross compliance training

off your to-do list with TalentLMS

Bridge the gap

Place vital compliance training at the fingertips of your people with the TalentLMS app, even when they’re WFH, on the factory floor, or on the road.

TalentLMS features that support your training.

Protect your platform

Protect your sensitive and proprietary data with the compliance training software where security is treated as paramount.

Be sure about the security of your portal with TalentLMS.

Spend less

Mandatory compliance training doesn’t need a hefty price tag. Start free, scale along TalentLMS’s adaptable pricing plan, and train with features that match your exact needs.

Spend less money and resources with TalentLMS.

70,000+ teams enjoy online compliance training on TalentLMS.

See what they have to say:

I have worked with numerous LMSs over the past 10 years; TalentLMS is by far the best LMS platform for any business looking to move course/trainings/compliance requirements online quickly and easily.

Renee H. | Source: G2

User management and reporting are very important for our compliance training content. We need to be able to offer reports to our clients on their team’s training for audit purposes. We are creating courses with multiple learning methods, instructor-led and video, to allow our clients varied and diverse education. Certificates and the ability to revoke them upon new units being added it a nice bonus to make our software training current.

Adrienne V. | Source: eLearning Industry

This software has allowed our organization, which is a highly regulated and audited based on employee training, to increase our average monthly compliance by approximately 25%. The platform, the reporting features and ability to cater it to our company has made this the best choice we could have made for a learning management system.

Megan L. | Source: Capterra

Successful orgs prioritize compliance training for employees

What types of training are employees receiving from their companies?

Source: The State of L&D – Survey by TalentLMS & SHRM

No content? No problem. This is TalentLibrary™

Why spend more time and effort on compliance training than you have to? Tack TalentLibrary™ onto your TalentLMS plan and train your teams in all the skills they need to succeed at work. No course creation, no subject matter experts involved.

Train your people. Measure results. Drive growth.

TalentLMS gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your training.


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