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Why use an LMS to train channel partners online?

Training channel members in the traditional classroom-based scenario is expensive and a logistical nightmare. But by moving your partner enablement program online and training members using a learning management system, you can cut costs and increase efficiency.

An LMS makes the organization, coordination and implementation of training easier, simpler and more effective because it:

  • Offers smart administration

    By training their channel partners online using an LMS, organizations can manage training from one central location. This one-stop shop reduces operational and administrative overhead.

  • Reduces training costs

    Online channel partner training is cheaper than traditional in-person training, because it doesn’t incur costs for necessities such as renting or travel expenses, and can be used to train partners across the globe 24/7.

Deliver successful online channel partner training with TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a learning management system engineered to simplify the way organizations deliver online channel training. It’s also the only learning management system at a reassuringly fair price. It’s easy-to-use and comes packed with exactly the right features for training channel members.

You'll love using these features:

  • User-friendly interface

    Channel partners and your development teams alike will love how easy it is to pick up using TalentLMS because of its intuitive interface and modern design.

  • Impressive customizations

    Customize the look and feel of your partner enablement portal with TalentLMS’ design tools. Tailor the system in depth to fit your precise needs.

  • Engaging gamification

    Higher engagement leads to higher completion rates. Activate TalentLMS’ gamification engine to encourage user engagement through points, badges and leaderboards.

  • Comprehensive report engine

    TalentLMS’ report engine is expertly engineered to track channel partner performance. It delivers customized reports that capture and measure the information you need.

  • Multilingual

    Training channel members across the world with TalentLMS is easy. The platform is available in 31 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

  • Customizable certification management

    With a robust certification management tool, a learning management system like TalentLMS allows you to incentivize and offer accreditation as part of your online channel partner enablement.

  • Hassle-free administration

    Instead of spending time on double work, TalentLMS lets administrators automate tasks by using integrations with your favorite software. For example, when administrators add a new partner in a CRM like Salesforce, an account is automatically created in TalentLMS.

  • Powerful content-builder

    TalentLMS’ makes developing online channel partner training simpler. You can create and format original content, incorporate existing content, and embed all kinds of multimedia assets, without any problems. Updating content, when regulations change for example, is easy too.

  • Easy accessibility

    With features like Single Sign-On and a native mobile app (for iOS and Android) TalentLMS makes it easier for channel partners to adopt training. Users can train at their own pace from anywhere in the world at any time by logging in to their online learning software with usernames and passwords associated to your organization.

  • Supports isolated training environments

    Online training software like TalentLMS makes it easy to segment your channel partners into their own training portal. With a feature called Branches you can create as many training environments as you want. Each environment acts as separate installation with its own users, courses, permissions and themes.

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What is channel partner training?

One of the central goals of a channel partner strategy is to enable and empower your partners to sell your products. And the most powerful way to do this is through channel training.

This kind of training can, and should, be offered to anyone in your partner network. Like distributors, vendors, retailers, consultants, resellers, franchisees, contractors and suppliers.

But, what does a channel partner program look like in action? Imagine a retail organization that wants to ensure consistent standards across all stores so that customers are getting the best experience possible. This retailer would offer franchise or vendor training to its partner network.

Channel training creates more knowledgeable, empowered, and up-to-date partners. It’s also a much more effective and smarter process for partner management. Training your business associates will increase brand loyalty, ensure a consistently positive customer experience, boost sales, and ultimately drive revenue higher.

Talent LMS provides a feature-rich cloud-based learning solution while also keeping their product inexpensive for the consumer. We have found that we are better able to address our Partners training and technical support needs by being able to direct them to the correct training source and ensure that they are taking the needed training to be successful in reselling our products and services.

Heather Willis
Director of Learning and Development at Star2Star Communications

The benefits of channel training for an organization

There are many proven reasons for implementing channel partner training in an organization. Whether you have 10 or 100 partners, training your business associates should be an integral part of your growth strategy.

Channel partner enablement offers different benefits throughout the lifecycle of your extended network, from partner onboarding to compliance training and beyond.

  • Increase partner retention

    First impressions matter. A strong partner onboarding process that impresses and equips channel partners with the information they need, has the ability to keep them with your organization for the long-term.

  • Reduce costs

    How do you reduce costs by training business associates? By reducing risk. When compliance training is part of a channel enablement process, partners are more likely to adhere to policies and operations which can help avoid costly mistakes.

  • Establish brand consistency

    Partner onboarding in combination with ongoing training ensures a consistent customer service experience across your distribution and support network. This builds customer loyalty and repeat business for you and your channel partners.

  • Expand reach

    Partner enablement is a huge part of channel building. Not only does training help increase channel partner sales but it will also boost revenue.

Other training solutions:

  • Sales training

    Training resellers or distributors? Find out how TalentLMS can specifically help you deliver sales training to partners who are selling your product or service.

  • Support training

    Discover how TalentLMS simplifies the delivery and day-to-day administration of training a remote customer support team.

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