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What is TalentLMS?

TalentLMS is a Learning Management System (LMS). LMSs are a type of online software used to train your teams. 

Do I need an LMS to train my people?

Simply put, yes. If your org’s serious about training employees, partners, and customers. You can either choose to shore up traditional training methods, or completely replace them. Training programs benefit from an online environment in terms of reduced costs, reusable courses, no scheduling restrictions, and in-depth reporting, to name but a few.

How fast can I launch training?

Fast. You can set up your training portal in minutes. As there’s no download or installation time, all you need is an email and an internet connection. And, with the easy-to-use course builder, you can drag and drop previously created content, add info from the internet, and create courses rich in interactivity.

What if I don’t have time for course creation?

No worries! TalentLMS offers a growing collection of over 750+ skills courses from TalentLibrary™. All courses are 15 minutes long, and cover both the hard and soft skills your people need for success at work.

Will ready-made TalentLibrary™ courses be included in my subscription?

It depends. When you sign up for a TalentLMS plan, you can tack TalentLibrary™ onto your subscription to round out your training with a growing library of courses covering the skills your people need for success at work. And, if you don’t, not to worry—you can always add TalentLibrary™ to your plan at a later date.

Are there course providers other than TalentLibary™?

Absolutely. On the platform, you can access the course store and pick courses from TalentLMS-vetted providers. The course store is especially useful if you have mandatory compliance training to complete, as some providers are independently certified at state level.

Can I share my courses with non-registered users?

Of course! You can share links for each course you create to allow end users to take it without having to register. Any progress by unregistered users is untracked.

Can I award certifications for completed courses?

Yes. You can assign a certificate to a course. Each user who completes the course will receive the related certification. It’s easy to design a custom certificate or use one of the premade ones.

Can I create Tests and Surveys?

Yes. You can assess knowledge transfer with tests, surveys, and assignments.

Can I communicate with my users?

Yes. TalentLMS comes with clear communication tools. You can set global announcements for everyone to see. For more targeted communication, you can send direct messages to individuals or groups of users. The platform also lets you send automated emails to users on special events such as recertification time or course completion.

Can I choose my own domain?

TalentLMS comes with white-label capabilities, and mapping your own domain is one of those. On sign-up, you’ll begin with a TalentLMS-based domain and can then set a domain name of your own choosing.

Is TalentLMS stable?

TalentLMS is built on the latest and lightest tech. Have confidence your training program will never slow down or suffer from interrupted service. No matter how many users you need to host. And, with the intuitive interface and not a single clunky feature in sight, using the platform is all thrills, no frills.

Is the platform secure?

Trust in security best practices to safeguard your portal. TalentLMS is the only LMS officially certified as GDPR compliant, holds the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate, and uses the same level of encryption as the US government. Essentially, you’ll retain full control of your data, while TalentLMS protects it. You can find out more about TalentLMS’s commitment to your security here.

Is TalentLMS a match for my company?

Companies like Roland, Meta, and Amazon use TalentLMS to train. But, no matter your size, TalentLMS won’t price you out of training. One-person team, SMB, or scaling enterprise, there’s a plan for you. Which is why 70,000+ teams trust TalentLMS as their training platform.

What kinds of training can I use TalentLMS for?

Most types of training that can be completed online. You’ll find TalentLMS suitable for training both internal and external audiences.

Is TalentLMS the right fit for my industry?

TalentLMS supports most types of training across a wide range of industries. These include, but are not limited to, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Public sector, Arts and Entertainment, Mining, Hotel, Non-Profit, Marketing and Advertising, Law, Finance and Accounting, Real Estate, Healthcare, Well-being, and Nonprofits.

Are there any types of organizations that aren’t the best fit for TalentLMS?

TalentLMS serves a variety of industries and organization types, and includes course-selling functionality. But, from experience, educational institutes and people exclusively selling courses have found themselves not to be ideal for TalentLMS.

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