Deliver essential customer training online with TalentLMS

Deliver online customer training for better onboarding, faster product adoption and higher retention rates

An educated customer is a better customer. Deliver essential customer training online by using customer training software that will simplify and empower your training efforts. Your support costs will drop and customer retention will shoot up.

Why you should take your customer training online

300 page manuals with tiny font. Hastily written instruction guides. No customer training whatsoever. Whether in the B2B or B2C space, these are no longer sufficient ways of educating your customers. The most appropriate and cost-efficient customer education strategy is to move your training online.

By using customer training software, you'll be able to incorporate online manuals, walk-through videos, demos, discussions and more, all in one platform. Here are a few more reasons to deliver online customer training:

  • Save development and training time

    Customer training software is built to make content creation easier. And by virtue of being online, your customers have access to your education hub whenever they need it.

  • Reduce live support costs

    The more accessible your education hub is, the more customers will access it. Online customer training then reduces the burden on your live support team and, in turn, minimizes costs.

  • Leverage smart administration

    By using an LMS for customer training, organizations can manage and deploy their training from one central location. This one-stop shop reduces operational and administrative overhead.

  • Simplify business processes

    High-performing LMSs integrate with your customer relationship management tool (CRM) to reduce double-work and simplify the process for you and your customers.

Train your customers with TalentLMS to meet your ambitious goals

TalentLMS is a learning management system engineered to simplify the way businesses deliver online customer training. It’s also the only learning management system at a reassuringly fair price.

It’s easy-to-use and comes packed with all the features you need to implement quality customer training.

You'll love using these features:

  • Easy-to-use content-builder

    TalentLMS content-building tools were designed to make developing online customer training content simple. It’s never been easier to add all kinds of new content, reuse older material, as well as edit and update current content.

  • User-friendly interface

    Not only will your development team love using TalentLMS’ intuitive design, but your customers will love how easy it is to use.

  • Impressive customizations

    With TalentLMS’ design tools, you can customize the look and feel of your customer education hub to match your business’s branding. You can use your own domain name, logo as well as build a website to sit on top of your training hub.

  • Multilingual capabilities

    To effectively deliver training to customers all over the world, the TalentLMS customer training platform is available in 31 languages including Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

  • Supports instructor-led training

    TalentLMS supports blended learning giving you the power to combine online customer training with instructor-led training (classroom-based or teleconferencing) so that your customers get the best of both learning worlds.

  • Features multiple training environments

    With TalentLMS’ Branches, you can deploy separate but centrally managed customer training environments for different products, regional markets, or target audiences.

  • Always available

    For your online customer training to have value to your business, customers must use it. TalentLMS makes this easier by offering features like Single Sign-On and a native mobile app (for iOS and Android). These features let customers use your training from anywhere in the world at any time by logging in with the same usernames and passwords they’re already using for your organization.

  • Automatic administration

    The joy of using online training software is that it lets you do more in less time. In addition to built-in automations, TalentLMS connects with over 200 systems so that administrators can automate tasks. For example, when you add a new customer in a CRM like Salesforce, an account is automatically created in TalentLMS.

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What is customer education?

Customer education (also referred to as customer training or customer enablement) is any training offered to customers so they can use an organization's product or service to its full capacity. While a customer support team helps customers solve problems after they've come up, training customers is essentially support before they need it.

In effect, customer training is any training or education programs that set up your customers for success, while simultaneously setting up your business for success too.

Customer training is not just an optimized customer onboarding process

While onboarding is a crucial part of the customer journey, it's not the only stop. To add extra value to your business, think of customer education as a process that extends to the entire life-cycle of a customer.

A new customer will need different training than a customer who has been using your product or service for months or even years. Customer education examples then include onboarding, guided tutorials, webinars as well as ongoing training.

A project management software company, for example, should offer onboarding training to new customers. This type of training will show customers how to start using the product. The same software company can then offer ongoing training to keep customers updated on new features as well as the more advanced capabilities of the product

To help customers succeed, ACL invests heavily in creating a Productivity Ecosystem, which increases customer's abilities, saves them time and fills in gaps in their team's skills, using resources, best practices and 24/7 online training.

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The big-time benefits of educating customers

Training your customers (and potential customers) enables them to get more value from using your products and services. This added value helps boost customer satisfaction, increase customer engagement, build loyalty and ultimately raise revenue. Some extra benefits of educating customers:

  • Retains customers

    One of the benefits of educating customers is that they are more likely to continue buying your products or services, as well as promoting them to their friends.

  • Customer satisfaction goes up

    With a solid customer training program, customers will learn how to use your product properly and will be happier as a result.

  • Customer engagement rises

    When delivered well, a comprehensive customer education program can boost online customer engagement. Engagement goes up when you incorporate community-building features like a place for customers to talk and share ideas.

  • Empowers customers

    What is customer empowerment? Training customers on products or services (also referred to as end-user training) gives them the right tools and knowledge to use your product as intended. Training empowers them to be more confident users from the start and ultimately more successful.

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