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Rev up your revenue streams with extended enterprise training

How do you strengthen your brand and create unforgettable customer experiences? By delivering extended enterprise training with user-friendly training software designed to train partners and customers faster and easier.

How an extended enterprise LMS simplifies partner & customer training

Partners, re-sellers, vendors, franchisees, new customers. When you need to deliver multiple training to multiple training audiences, there is only a single appropriate way to deliver that training: online and with an extended enterprise learning management system.

An extended enterprise LMS makes the organization, coordination and implementation of training distinct audiences easier, simpler and more effective. How?

  • It's convenient

    By using an extended enterprise LMS, organizations can manage training from one central location. This one-stop training hub reduces operational and administrative overhead.

  • It saves time

    An extended enterprise LMS speeds up both development and training time. And with 24/7 accessibility to the platform, you’ll also reduce live support interactions.

  • It simplifies business processes

    High-performing extended enterprise LMSs integrate with your most-essential software to reduce double work and simplify processes–for both you and your users.

Simplify extended enterprise training with TalentLMS

TalentLMS is an extended enterprise LMS engineered to simplify the way organizations deliver training to non-employees. It’s also the only extended enterprise learning management system at a reassuringly fair price. It’s easy-to-use and comes packed with all the right features for partner and customer training.

You'll love using these features:

  • Customizable certification management

    With a robust certification management tool, TalentLMS allows you to incentivize and offer accreditation as part of your extended enterprise training.

  • Multilingual

    Ideal for international or global training, TalentLMS is available in 31 languages including, English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

  • User-friendly interface

    Not all extended enterprise learning management systems need to frustrate their users. With TalentLMS intuitive interface and modern design, learners and administrators will love how simple and fast it is to learn.

  • Comprehensive report engine

    TalentLMS’ report engine is expertly engineered to track performance of your extended learning program. The engine delivers customized reports that capture and measure the information you need.

  • Easy accessibility

    Nothing drops engagement and completion rates quite like a forgotten password. TalentLMS removes this problem by supporting Single Sign-On. Plus, with native mobile apps (for iOS and Android), users can train at their own pace from anywhere in the world at any time.

  • Hassle-free administration

    TalentLMS plays well with other software. You can cut back on busy work and let TalentLMS connect with your favorite tools to automate tasks. For example, when administrators add a new partner or customer in a CRM like Salesforce, an account is automatically created in TalentLMS.

  • Just-right customization

    With TalentLMS’ design tools, you can customize the look and feel of each separate portal to match your audience and your business’s branding. You can use your own domain name and logo as well as build a website to sit on top of your extended enterprise training.

  • Time-saving content-builder

    TalentLMS’ content builder is designed to make developing online training content easier and faster. You can create and format original content, add existing content, and embed all kinds of multimedia assets –without any problems.

  • Supports isolated training environments

    Without a way to segregate your training audiences, there is no way to deliver extended enterprise training. TalentLMS’ Branches feature lets you create as many separate portals as you need. Each portal acts as an independent installation with its own users, courses, permissions and themes. Each independent portal can also be assigned its own branch admin so that regional managers have control over the training of their group and their group alone.

  • Engaging gamification

    Higher engagement leads to higher completion rates. Activate TalentLMS’ gamification engine to encourage your partners and customers’ engagement through points, badges and leaderboards.

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What is the extended enterprise and when should you train them?

The simple answer is always.

The extended enterprise is any non-employees in your organization who are involved in selling or using your product or service. This includes: distributors, vendors, contract workers, freelancers, franchisees and their staff, suppliers and even your customers.

And since most business and organizations today rely on at least one or more of these groups, training them (and training them often) is as essential as training your employees. Extended workforce training brings value to your organization by creating knowledgeable, empowered and up-to-date partners, associates and customers.

But to leverage these outcomes and get the most out of extended enterprise training, you should not only offer training at the start (like, onboarding) but at all stages of your partner or customer life-cycles.

Types of Extended Enterprise Training

  • Customer training

    Also known as customer education, customer training refers to the process of providing customers with the information they need to successfully use your products or services.

  • Partner training

    Partner training or channel training, is training offered to anyone in your partner network, like distributors, retailers, resellers, franchisees, and suppliers.

Who uses extended workforce training?

Size or industry does not matter in extended enterprise training. The only factor that matters is whether your organization has partners and/or customers. For example, a giant retailer and an accounting software company might not have the same needs, but they can both derive value from an extended learning program.

The retailer can leverage global training and deploy to all partners to ensure customers are receiving the same experience across the world. The same retailer can offer continuing education to the extended enterprise to encourage partners to stay with them.

The accounting software company, on the other hand, can deliver onboarding, and ongoing product training as part of their extended learning program. This emphasis on education can turn customers into super users who are more likely to recommend the software to their friends.

The valuable benefits of extended enterprise training

There are many proven reasons for training the extended workforce. Whether you have ten or one hundred partners, fifty or five thousand customers, training your dispersed groups should be an integral part of your growth strategy.

Extended enterprise learning offers different benefits depending on the group you're training. For example, franchisees versus customers. But there are some benefits that cross party lines. These are:

  • Boosts in revenue

    By educating your extended workforce, you have more control over the type of experience your customers will receive from external partners. When that experience is consistently good, customer satisfaction goes up and sales likely increase.

  • Decreased costs

    By offering exceptional extended enterprise training to customers on the use of your product or service, there is less need for them to contact your support team. As support interactions drop, so do costs.

  • Reduce risk

    Whether you choose to start educating supply chain partners as part of your global training or vendors in your sales network, training can go a long way in improving communication, addressing mistakes before they happen, and ensuring compliance to regulations and company processes.

  • Accelerated timelines

    Extended enterprise training also makes an organization more nimble. By keeping your entire chain up-to-date, you’ll bring products to market faster and both resellers and customers will be briefed about new product launches much faster.

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