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Course overview

In customer service, it’s important to know how to create and maintain customer loyalty. For any business to thrive and grow, it needs loyal customers. Not only do they keep buying products and services, but they can also become advocates. That means they give free and authentic word-of-mouth marketing for the business you work for. 

To establish customer loyalty, customers need a reason to stick with the business, such as participating in a loyalty program. Once your customer service teams have created loyal customers, they’ll also need to find ways to maintain their loyalty and prevent them getting bored. And they can use methods to encourage loyal customers to recommend the business to others.

What's covered

Methods to create customer loyalty

How customer service can maintain and improve customer loyalty

Techniques to encourage customer advocacy

Why your teams need this course

Customer loyalty leads to business growth. This course is for anyone working in customer service who needs to establish or improve customer loyalty. They’ll learn how customer loyalty can be created, how to maintain and improve customer loyalty, and techniques to encourage customers to become advocates.

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