The Importance of Brand


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Course overview

Know your brand. Would it surprise you to learn that knowing your brand is one of the best ways to provide top-notch customer service?

A brand isn’t only a logo, a quirky name, and a social media presence – it’s also the knowledge and passion every team member displays when dealing with customers. It means understanding company values, what they stand for, and delivering the style of service that customers expect from your brand.

Many businesses forget to tell their employees what their vision and values are, and how these flow into the brand. This lack of training can mean employees second guess and misrepresent the brand causing knock-on issues, often unintended.

Luckily, this course is designed to help you ensure you and your staff know exactly why representing your brand when interacting with customers is so important.

What's covered

The meaning of a ‘brand’

How branding affects the consumer

Why it’s important to breathe your brand

How lack of brand knowledge creates a bad customer experience

How to train teams on your brand

the importance of brand online training course

Why your teams need this course

If your customer experience doesn’t consistently deliver on the promise your brand makes, then you have a problem. By matching customer service with your brand values, you’ll generate new leads, get better feedback, and offer consistent service across your entire company. This course is essential for teams working directly with customers, like customer support and success, as well as those that represent the brand's voice, like marketing and sales.