Customer Relationships


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Course overview

Great customer relationships are good for business. And good customer service is the key to creating those relationships. When customers receive the excellent service they expect, they tend to develop positive feelings about the organization. This leads to repeat customers and increased sales. So, it’s important to know how to develop customer relationships.

Any interaction a customer has with a company can affect their relationship with that company. To develop good customer relationships, your customer service teams need to know how to read a situation and hold a conversation with a customer in the right way. And they’ll have to be prepared to deal with tricky situations that come up, when customers find their experience isn’t what they expected. This course can help.

What's covered

The importance of customer relationships

The process of developing strong customer relationships, from the 1st conversation to the follow-ups

How to navigate through common challenges

Why your teams need this course

Developing good customer relationships is a key customer-service skill. This course is for anyone working in a customer-facing role who needs to build customer relationships. They’ll find out why customer relationships are so important, how to develop strong customer relationships, and learn tips to deal with customer-relationship challenges.

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