Customer Relationships


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Duration 15'

No. of mini-lessons 7

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Course overview

When you’re trying to solve a customer’s problem or make a sale, it can be a challenge not to focus on your own agenda. You have quotas to meet and metrics to beat.

But handling a situation incorrectly or in a pushy manner will not inspire customers to brag about your service, or keep them coming back.

To build good customer relationships you need to build trust. Building trust requires you to focus solely on the needs and feelings of your customers. This is what ultimately leads to better business success.

That’s what this course is all about.

What's covered

Reading a situation

Reading your customer’s body language

Beginning a conversation confidently

Understanding communication etiquette – what can and cannot be said

Ending a conversation

Dealing with difficult situations

Following up with a customer

customer relationships online training course

Why your teams need this course

This course will help anyone working around or targeting customers for the first time. i.e. customer support, sales, and marketing. It will guide you through what it means to build a relationship, provide advice on how to read a person’s behavior, and assess the situation. It will also help you to create conversation builders and follow up with customers, ensuring you close sales with maximum success and customer satisfaction.