How remote training software helps teams grow from home

The number of people working from home is rapidly growing. Has your training stalled? Discover how TalentLMS transforms the learning experience and keeps your teams in the know, wherever they are.

How an LMS transforms remote workforce training

Remote training software makes it super easy to deliver new policies, product updates, and processes to teams working from home. When your people aren’t sitting two desks away, a learning management system (LMS) keeps training and knowledge-sharing all under one roof.

Simple to use

Delight both learners and managers responsible for virtual team training with training that feels easy from the very first click.

Available everywhere

Make it so easy for your people to log in and complete courses on their schedule from anywhere, at any time.

Actually engaging

Use a variety of file types, like text, audio, and video to keep learning interesting. Turn on gamification to see even more engagement.

Lower training costs

Reduce travel, venue, and instructor expenses by bringing training online where it can be used the moment it’s needed.

Reach remote training success with TalentLMS

TalentLMS was designed with remote workers in mind. It’s customizable, easy to manage, and comes at a price that’s actually fair. Now you don’t just jump on a video call and call it training. You provide a complete online learning experience.

  • Videoconferencing

    Keep up with face-to-face training by scheduling an instructor-led training (ILT) session through webinars.

  • Go mobile

    Offer training on the move with the TalentLMS mobile app so users can really take their training anywhere, anytime.

  • Time-saving management

    Use convenient features like Single Sign-On and connect to your favorite apps so training is uninterrupted and frustration-free.

  • Automate routine tasks

    Free up time for work that matters by easily automating repetitive tasks like sending reminders or grading tests.

  • Reach everyone

    Create unlimited sub-accounts to organize your people across branches, positions, departments and manage them all from one place.

  • Many ways to connect

    Encourage employee discussions with forums and keep staff on schedule with personal messages and a calendar.

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What success sounds like

One of the things I like the best is that it is both an LMS and a content creator. Their suite was super easy to use which has helped us in training such a remote and spread out team!USER REVIEW FROM G2|g2@2x

Fits all types of training


Jump right in with
ready-made courses

How to train new remote workers

Over 66% of companies are encouraging remote work. To help employees who are working from home for the first time, here are some methods to get remote training right.

user interface

Vary the way you present information

In addition to standard presentation slides and PDFs, consider using audio, video, and conferencing for a more interactive experience.


Quiz briefly, but frequently

A short, once-a-week quiz for your remote workers takes less time and is more effective than a one-time, hour-long assessment. Employees don’t get bored, and the information stays fresh.

learning curve

Minimize the learning curve

Make sure the training platform you choose has a minimal learning curve so that you can get your people set up and training in the shortest possible time.

Track performance

Track performance

Show you care about your team’s development with a platform that automatically measures course progress and successful completion. You’ll identify where employees are excelling or lagging behind, and give them an extra nudge.

make it fun

Make it fun

Working remotely doesn’t have to mean working alone. Use game elements and let employees compete for points (and bragging rights) even when they don’t share a common office.

work remotely

Offer training on how to work remotely

Help your employees who are working from home for the first time reach higher levels of productivity by creating a course on the best practices for working remotely.

Most common industries training remotely

Retail  >

For salespeople, product training is only half the battle. Help your reps reach and exceed their sales goals by providing them with effective soft skills training.

Franchising >

Ensure that, regardless of location, your people are all receiving the same training and are equipped to provide a consistently positive customer experience.

Software >

With constant product updates, bug fixes, and new features, your employees need a quick and effective way to stay up to date with the latest releases. The fastest way to stay ahead is to deliver this training remotely.

Manufacturing >

Compliance training, safety regulations, and up-to-date certification can be the stuff of nightmares for any HR team. But rest easy knowing you have a remote training LMS that automatically sends employees reminders before certifications expire, and keeps track of completion rates.

Success of remote workers directly related to online training opportunities, survey finds:


of remote workers feel they need additional training to perform better in their roles.


of remote workers say that access to training is somewhat or very important to them.


of remote workers have pursued additional training on their own during the pandemic.


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