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LocationHelsinki, Finland
Use caseEmployee Training, Onboarding Training, Partner Training
Size of company


About Nosto

Nosto is a SaaS company and the world’s leading e-commerce personalization platform. The platform empowers retailers to deliver 1:1 personalized shopping experiences across every customer touch point and every device. How? By applying advanced AI technology.

Only a few months after its September 2013 launch, hundreds of retailers around the world were already using Nosto. Today, that number has reached over 2,500 and Nosto has delivered 25 billion personalized shopping experiences.

The training challenge

When Product Marketing Manager Lucas Weber arrived at Nosto, he had one question: “How do we deliver internal training?”

The answer? “Uuum, we don’t really.”

After digging around, Lucas discovered that Nosto was using good ol’ emails to welcome new employees to the organization, as well as to deliver new information on product updates.

Already an experienced LMS administrator from his previous company, Lucas knew there was a better (and easier) way.

He set out to find an LMS. One that would suit Nosto’s particular needs.

Why Nosto chose TalentLMS

After testing six different learning management systems, Lucas found that TalentLMS was the best LMS on the market.

”I remember looking through other competitors. Adobe was quite good for our needs, but you had to buy a separate product of theirs to build exams, so it was getting too complicated.”

TalentLMS, on the other hand, came with all the functionality they needed. And no hidden costs. “The functionality was there for different use cases and different user personas”, Lucas says.

That was the first mark checked. Lucas made his final decision based on another two criteria.

One, through a focused social proof search, he found that TalentLMS was consistently ranked in the top 3 LMSs.

And two, it was easy. For everyone.

”It’s easy for me as an administrator to control and manage what instructors can do, what they can see, what their abilities are and what options they have. And finally, it’s easy for learners.”

He continues:

“I don’t think I found another platform that offered everything that TalentLMS offered.

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The results

If you ask Lucas today the same question he asked 18 months ago when he first got to Nosto, (i.e., “How do we deliver training?”) you’ll get a completely different answer.

And it’s impressive.

In a year and a half, Nosto has transformed their training experience. With the help of TalentLMS, they now deliver onboarding training, ongoing training and recently added partner training to the mix.

They’ve also standardized training, so their learners know what to expect. From the type of training they’re going to get, to the pace, content, and exams.

Lucas adds that TalentLMS helped streamline their onboarding. As a global organization, Nosto delivers basic onboarding training to new hires online. This gives Nosto the ability to invest more time in workshops and face-to-face training when new employees arrive at Nosto’s Helsinki headquarters. This, he says, is invaluable.

Their ongoing training has also changed. Whether there’s a company-wide product launch or an update to their CRM systems, TalentLMS lets them push out training globally.

Lucas adds that they even create courses for anything that requires an all-hands approach. “If someone can’t make it to a webinar or they don’t read an email, we take this information and turn it into a course.” And with the TalentLMS reporting engine, they can track how many employees have completed the course.

TalentLMS is a scalable solution for our global needs,” says Lucas. “Before TalentLMS, we would send an email and hope everyone figures it out. Now we can ensure every person has taken the training. It’s as simple as that.


Lucas adds one final thought.

“Besides the tool itself, the other main reason I’ve stayed with TalentLMS is your customer success team, Alexandra in particular. She answers quickly, professionally and is always helpful. She goes out of her way to make the tool work for me and my company specifically.”

“It’s important,” he stresses. “It’s not only about the tool, but the person supporting you behind the tool.”

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