How TalentLMS kept up with EVBox’s exponential growth

It really felt like the whole customer success strategy you have in place was working in my benefit!”

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About EVBox

With over 100,000 charging ports across more than 55 countries, EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations. When Huub Rothengatter and Bram van de Leur founded the company in 2010, electric cars were still largely a thing of the movies.

Clean energy and fast charging solutions had not yet made their way into people’s daily lives, and EVBox was far ahead of the curve. But as demand began to explode, so did the company’s growth. In the last two years, it has grown from 60 to over 600 employees.

And just like any scale-up of this size, the company experienced sudden training challenges.

The challenge

Before EVBox started using TalentLMS, the company had a course creation platform.

Previously, employees from the customer service and marketing departments would attend a monthly in-person workshop. During that one-hour workshop, they had to absorb and retain skills and information.

But it didn’t seem to be enough.

“There were no learning paths, you couldn’t branch it out. You couldn’t really look into the data.

said Madaline Buzdugan, VBox’s Strategy Business Partner

While a simple course creator may have sufficed for EVBox when the company was still in its early stages, it quickly reached a point where something more sophisticated was needed.

“We had the challenge every scale-up had, which was, move as fast and as autonomous as possible … To support the growth of the company, we wanted something that can grow as fast as we were growing

Choosing TalentLMS

For EVBox, that solution was TalentLMS. When it came to choosing a platform, Mada had a few requirements in mind.

“What I looked at was the capacity to branch out … the support of multiple languages … that was quite important to me.”

It was also crucial to Mada that she and her team could navigate the platform without needing to ask the IT department for help. For the training to be successful on all ends, the platform needed to be easy for administrators to create training in, and easy for learners to access.

And since TalentLMS could smoothly accommodate the segmenting EVBox was looking for, was easy to navigate, and could support multiple languages, it was the right fit for the company.

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Results with TalentLms

As the company evolved, so did the way the team uses the platform. Today EVBox has branched out its TalentLMS portal in three main directions: partners, installers, and employees. Partners include value-added resellers and distributors, while installers are the technicians responsible for setting up the charging stations.

“We were basically using it for onboarding partners, so we thought, ‘Okay, actually, a lot of those courses could be relevant for new starters as well.”


The team uses TalentLMS to assign official assessments and provide technical partners with certifications by using the custom certificate feature in the platform. This allows EVBox to keep track of the trained installation partners and is important for warranty activation.

“I think it’s fantastic! We can utilize the automatic notifications the system provides and notify our installers when they need to get their recertification,

said Stanislov Nikolov, EVBox’s Partner Training Specialist.

When it came to keeping up with the EVBox’s exponential growth, TalentLMS was there every step of the way. After signing up for TalentLMS, EVBox was assigned a customer success representative to help onboard the team to start using the platform. And since all TalentLMS customers have access to unlimited email support, the customer support department is always available to answer questions and provide help with navigating the platform.

“It really felt like the whole customer success strategy you have in place was working in my benefit!

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