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Train your employees, partners, and customers with the LMS users rank #1. Skip long setup times and get your training program up and running in just a few clicks.

I’ve evaluated dozens of eLearning solutions, and I can say that some of them were too expensive for what they offered. For its price and feature set, TalentLMS is a goldmine.

Christopher Pappas, eLearning Industry Founder

Build courses in a few clicks

Skip long setup times and installation guides and launch your training by end of day. Sign up for free, build your first course in clicks and go live 2x faster than the category average.

Personalize learner experience

Use your logo, colors, layout, and domain to create a custom training environment for a better learner experience. Localize to your users’ languages and make training feel more personal.

Deliver training to any device

TalentLMS makes training feel right from the very first click. No matter their device, operating system, or connection stability, learners jump in anytime, anywhere with a tool they instinctively know how to use.

Track training performance

Generate clear reports about everything that happens inside your platform, make better decisions, and have complete control over your training program. 

Employee training

Use our full-featured LMS to take your team’s training to the next level. Make learning faster and easier than ever before.

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Compliance Training

Keep company policies at the front of your employees’ minds. Track compliance training without hassle.

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Onboarding training

First impressions matter. Welcome new hires and get them productive – all with no frustration.

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Remote training

Discover how TalentLMS transforms the learning experience and keeps your teams in the know, wherever they are.

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Straight from our customers

People really like the way it works. And they find it easy. I actually did not have to answer a single support call, so they did not have problems using TalentLMS.Marcus Verri|Deliveroo-logo-horizontal-1

Because we have a fairly large dealership network we needed to have a system that was able to incorporate a large number of users. And it had to be cost-effective, too.Andrew Greene|isuzu-ute-logo

With TalentLMS training, our partners can provide more effective and faster servicecustomers are happy, and downtime is reduced to almost nothing.Ladislav Vigh|formlabs-logo

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