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“TalentLMS proved instrumental in delivering a complete learning experience

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About Infosys Finacle

Finacle is the industry-leading digital banking solution suite from EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly owned product subsidiary of Infosys. Finacle helps traditional and emerging financial institutions drive truly digital transformation to achieve frictionless customer experiences, larger ecosystem play, insights-driven interactions and ubiquitous automation. Today, Finacle is the choice of banks in over 100 countries and serves more than a billion customers.

“We were not only able to cross the basic items off our requirements list but the LMS also proved instrumental in delivering a complete learning experience”

The training challenge

One of the most difficult challenges for busy professionals in the banking industry is to find the time for learning. Yet, the very nature of the industry means that they need to keep learning to stay on top of their work responsibilities. We needed to devise a solution for our customers to close the skill gaps of their employees. We took a systematic approach and sought to find a flexible medium that put learners in charge and gave them the option of learning at their pace and in their own time.

Why TalentLMS

After conducting an exhaustive research, we voted in favor of TalentLMS. We used this dynamic platform to host short videos that offer learners the convenience of learning at their own pace. We call it “Finacle Micro Learning” and we have over 90 videos covering an entire spectrum of technical and functional topics. This ‘just in time’ learning format enables busy banking personnel to strengthen their knowledge base without jostling with their schedules. It also functions as an alternative support channel offering instant self-guided support.

We discovered immense potential in the customizable model of TalentLMS. We were not only able to cross the basic items off our requirements list but the LMS also proved instrumental in delivering a complete learning experience with features like Progress, Discussions, and Calendar.

The intuitive search option makes it easy for learners to filter out a particular course in their extensive course catalog. The courses can be paused and resumed from the same point, giving learners the advantage of picking up where they left off.


In a short duration of time, we have received a staggering amount of positive feedback from our customers. After attending the initial demos, our clients have expressed interest in signing up for an all-encompassing plan with a sharp focus on conceptual and troubleshooting topics.

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