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Training and Assessment savvy: TalentLMS keeps Zalora up to speed

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An Intro

Zalora Group is Asia Pacific’s leading group of online fashion destinations. Founded in 2012, the company has a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan where it operates as ZALORA and in Australia and New Zealand where it operates as THE ICONIC. They are a part of the Global Fashion Group, consisting of more than 2,000 employees across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The training challenge

Zalora faced a variety of challenges before choosing TalentLMS. We faced a difficult challenge and always had a lingering burden to conclude all of our training sessions conducted for the Customer Service team. We never had a solution for effectively measuring their performance on job knowledge or processes prior to TalentLMS. Though many means and methods were trialed, all were proven to be ineffective.

We were looking for a tool which would enable us to track specific statistics such as customer satisfaction ratings by month and year, average handling time and sum of completed courses. The tool needed to be universal and accessible to all of our staff. This cloud-based LMS needed to have a simple, modern interface while offering a extensive number of reports.

Why TalentLMS

Our Customer Service team in our Malaysian office was the first to discover TalentLMS in late 2014 and put it to the test for our first batch of new hires, which we welcomed early 2015. Navigating around TalentLMS was not an issue for us and we did that with ease. We depended a lot on the Support center for answers and found them to be very swift in their responses. Since this initial period, all of our work has revolved around the great discovery of TalentLMS, which has revolutionized our working processes. We no longer have this burden hanging over us and can now conduct our training with ease.

TalentLMS has proven so simple to navigate and has enabled us to overhaul our training mechanisms. From organizing training for our new hires to measuring general effectiveness through testing

In more detail, we currently use TalentLMS for 2 different functions:

  • to train new hires over a 3- week training period and then to assess them based on training materials which cover processes, systems and quality assurance. Questions are set as MCQ. There are a total of 8 courses (slides + questions) for each country. A passing score of 80% is set for first round and a repeat of a failed course takes place right. The passing score for round 2 is set at 85% . Scores are then pulled out and shared with the new hires. TalentLMS is effective and easy to manage when fulfilling this task and has enabled us to draw countless reports in order to analyse our new hires as well as the success of the training offered to them.
  • secondly, we carry out monthly briefing assessments, which based on the weekly briefing sessions that we carry out each Wednesday of the week. These usually consist of questions from past briefing sessions. A passing score of 85% is set here. Again, TalentLMS allows us to fulfill our requirements and offers us concise and complete results. Our reports demonstrate reliable and consistent results including a minimum of 83% customer satisfaction, average handling time broken down as we choose and the ability to measure how many courses were completed per country. This gives us flexibility when assessing our results but also allows us to see that TalentLMS is working for us.

The results

We are proud to say that because of how effective TalentLMS has proven to be, it is now used across Zalora SEA, and The Iconic! We chose TalentLMS for a variety of reasons and it has delivered on all fronts. We have tangible results to show that our efforts with TalentLMS have paid off and we couldn't be happier about that. Our customer satisfaction rating for a week in December 2014, which was before TalentLMS was used was at 85%. This rose to 89% in the same week of April 2015, which was after we began to use TalentLMS. This immediate improvement was persistent within the next customer satisfaction ratings.

  • In addition, our average handling time has also decreased, which we are proud of. Taking Atikah as an example, in October 2014, the average handling time was 4.6 minutes to March 2015 where the average handling time was 3.2 minutes. This is a drastic and positive change, which we directly credit TalentLMS for.
  • Another example of how TalentLMS has helped us is improve is with the number of completed courses we have registered. In 2015, before we utilized TalentLMS, we had 260 logins and 109 course completions. Compare that to 2016 where we logged 308 logins and 170 course completions. Here we see a dramatic improvement and we expect there to only be more to come.
  • We are now able to deliver better results generally because of TalentLMS, look into areas that need improvement and continuous innovation and ensure that TalentLMS is used for all the other departmental purposes, keeping everything clear and in one place.

These are just a few of the improvements that have been made and we are sure that there will be plenty more to come in the future. We are thankful that we took the plunge with TalentLMS s they have been committed to making our sure that our training and reports simple to manage and easy to maintain. The differences we see now are incomparable to what we were experiencing before TalentLMS. We are also highly impressed by the great team at TalentLMS, they all work hard to introduce new features almost every week!

Sabirah Sonia
Learning and Development Manager

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