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Corporate compliance training isn’t an option or a luxury. It’s your defense against all kinds of risk. From health and safety training to security training and beyond, use compliance training software to boost retention rates, meet your legal requirements and protect your business investment.

Why TalentLMS is the right choice for compliance training

TalentLMS is the industry leading corporate learning management system that gives you all the tools and functionality you need to implement effective (and cost-effective) online compliance training.

You'll love using these features:

  • Smart certification management

    TalentLMS’ Certificate feature helps you keep track of which users have completed their compliance training courses successfully. Plus, for industries that mandate periodic retraining, TalentLMS lets you have certificates that auto-expire after a certain time passes. The system will automatically re-assign courses that need to be reviewed for employees to stay compliant.

  • Complete training solution

    TalentLMS is not only considered as compliance training software. It is also a powerful learning management system that you can use to deliver online compliance training as well as other corporate training programs. Plus, a single TalentLMS account can be used to train any number of employees, from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands, letting you scale your online compliance training as your business grows.

  • Automates processes

    A compliance training LMS, like TalentLMS, makes your compliance training program automatic and repeatable, ensuring that your employees are taught the exact same material.

  • Always available

    TalentLMS is available 24/7, freeing your employees from the rigid schedules of classroom-based training and letting them study at their own pace, from wherever they want (even on the go, or offline).

  • Powerful content builder

    TalentLMS’ powerful and intuitive content creation tools make easy work of creating material for any course. From online safety training to international compliance training and regulatory compliance training.

  • Up-to-date compliance training

    As regulations change so must content. With TalentLMS, instructors can easily edit or add new content to a course while learners can be easily informed to review updated section to stay compliant.

  • Ready-to-use courses

    TalentLMS comes with an integrated eLearning Marketplace where you can find ready-made compliance training programs for all kinds of industries.

  • Supports isolated learning environments

    The Branches feature allows you to create separate and secure online compliance training portals to cater to the needs of different facilities, departments and branches of your company.

  • Strong reporting engine

    TalentLMS’ Reports give you full insight of your corporate compliance training at both macro- and micro-levels. It keeps a digital record of compliance training attendance and progress. Digital records can be shared easily (via email) to managers or regulatory bodies so that every stakeholder is informed and in the loop with employees’ compliance.

  • Supports eCommerce

    TalentLMS’ eCommerce capabilities mean you can ensure compliance and make a profit at the same time. Use it to sell your online safety training, or international compliance training programs or employee security training to other companies.

We've solved our training and policy acknowledgement compliance problem. Again, we're in the healthcare space (have to conform with HIPAA, NIST, HITRUST etc.). The ability to ensure everyone is trained, all policies are acknowledged and we can show records at a moment's notice of who took what, signed what and when is important. It makes us audit-proof.

Jim Wilson
Chief Information Security Officer at Fair Health

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