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An Intro

From their headquarters in Oslo, Norway, The Visma Group makes businesses more efficient, through offerings of software, commerce solutions, retail IT-solutions, and IT-related projects and consulting. Visma simplifies and digitalizes core business processes within the private and public sector.

800 000 customers in Northern Europe use Visma's products and services. The group has more than 7000 employees and its net revenue amounted to 9,146 million in 2017.

The training challenge

Visma stands out among its competitors for creating products and services that make business processes as efficient as can be. To pull that off, Visma has built a large corporate structure split into different business units. Each business unit functions as a separate entity with their own administrators, goals, and processes.

Several of these units needed online training and the first challenge for Digital Learning Expert Stine Sandbo Snekkenes was to find an LMS that would suit everyone’s needs.

“The main goal was to find an LMS that could work for everyone and was easy to understand and manage.”

As software developers themselves, the team at Visma knew they wanted a simple and intuitive platform that would be effortless to learn for those managing and creating courses, as well as their end users (employees, partners, and customers!)

They also needed the flexibility to create isolated and complete training hubs for each business unit and to simultaneously share material across each training hub easily.

And finally, with a presence in twelve countries, Visma also needed to offer their training hubs in different languages.

Why Visma chose TalentLMS

After careful consideration of a number of learning management systems, Visma chose TalentLMS because it checked the most crucial items on their must-have list.

It was flexible, simple and the platform was available in all of the languages they needed including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish and English.

But the most important reason for choosing TalentLMS was that, “It was simple, very user-friendly and intuitive. And it was fairly cheap compared to other LMSs.”

The results

After using TalentLMS for 18 months to train partners, customers, and employees, Visma has achieved some noteworthy results.

They’ve added over 4300 users to their online training programs, and even though they have a complex organization, they’ve been able to create separate training hubs for each business unit with our Branches feature. Stine recalls that before implementing, they didn’t know if they should use several different portals or if they should use one portal with several branches. The TalentLMS sales team advised them to branch it.

“I’m very happy that we chose [TalentLMS]. It’s easier for us to share content between business units.”

Visma is also pleased with the user experience. Feedback from their customers has been positive with many mentioning just how user-friendly TalentLMS is. From their end, Visma has observed that they don’t need to offer any significant amount of support because it’s very easy for learners to get started.

By choosing TalentLMS, Visma’s training and development team discovered they didn’t only choose a time-saving learning platform, but a thoughtful one. It’s the small details of TalentLMS that Stine appreciates and points out.

“My job is to make other business units start using the LMS. So when it’s fairly cheap it’s easy for me to argue that they should use [it].”

Stine also loves TalentLMS’ infographic tracking that appears to administrators. “It’s a great way of showing the numbers! I really like it!”

Stine S. Snekkenes
Digital Learning Expert

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