Executing a Project


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No. of mini-lessons 5

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Course overview

Phase 3 of the project life cycle is where you execute the plan, turning ideas into reality. It’s the longest and most involved phase. The “doing” part, where the deliverables of the project are built. This could be anything from a physical product to a policy document, depending on what your project is aiming to achieve.

In order to successfully reach project goals, there are many factors to think about and control, such as building a team, hiring suppliers, communicating with stakeholders, etc. Getting this phase right is crucial for the success of the project.

What's covered

What are the processes of project execution

How to carry out “change management” planning

How to monitor the execution phase

How to complete a phase review

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Why your teams need this course

In this phase, you need to keep all the plates spinning and balanced at once, making sure all tasks are under control and following the plan. If you’re new to business or project management, or simply want to improve your project execution skills, you should take this course. You’ll learn vital skills such as: how to control and monitor tasks effectively, managing change, and meeting project goals. This is course 3 in a series of 5.

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