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Course overview

Gifts and hospitality are great. Champagne, a luxury dinner, an all-expenses-paid trip abroad. Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving an unexpected benefit in their line of work? But if that surprise gift now meant you were expected to do something for someone else, that would be considered a bribe.

Gifts and hospitality are a high-risk area for corruption. Although small gifts are usually acceptable, problems arise when companies don’t set clear guidelines for their employees or have robust policies in place. To make sure you’re not caught out, you need to keep a record of any accepted gifts, consult your company policy, and learn to recognize what is and isn’t appropriate.

What's covered

The bribery risks of gifts and hospitality

How to identify which gifts and hospitality are appropriate

How your gifts and hospitality policy affects you

Why your teams need this course

Anyone working in business or finance can be vulnerable to bribery risks, so this course is ideal. They’ll learn how to recognize a bribe surrounding the donation of gifts and hospitality. This course will also help them test what is and isn’t appropriate and clarify their gifts and hospitality policy.

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