Empowering excellence: 10 New Year’s corporate training resolutions to elevate performance and impact
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Empowering excellence: 10 New Year’s corporate training resolutions to elevate performance and impact

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As the year winds down, trainers should see corporate training resolutions not as a total revamp but as stepping stones for progress. It’s about looking back at what worked and what didn’t, and using these lessons to shape the road ahead.

These corporate training resolutions aren’t about reinventing the wheel. It’s about fine-tuning what’s already in motion. No need for groundbreaking changes; it’s a time to reflect on past victories, learn from missteps, and set sights on future achievements.

Seize this moment to sift through experiences, reevaluate methods, and recalibrate goals for a stronger, more effective learning journey in the coming year.

Empowering excellence: 10 New Year's corporate training resolutions to elevate performance and impact

Exploring the top corporate training resolutions in 2024

The world of employee training and development is changing fast. Training and skills development don’t only focus on keeping up. They’re key to making organizations successful.

This list of resolutions for trainers doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. It’s a guide to tweaking strategies, adapting to new trends, and becoming better at workplace learning. Each of the corporate training resolutions targets today’s workforce needs and works as a toolkit for trainers to navigate challenges and keep training efforts on track in 2024.

1. Incorporate microlearning techniques

The goal for trainers this year is to include more microlearning or nanolearning techniques into employee training and development. Break down training content into smaller, easily digestible modules. In this fast-paced work environment that will still be present in the upcoming year, employees will benefit more from brief, targeted lessons.

In fact, 63% of Gen Zs claim that they’d remember more of the material if training was broken into shorter sessions. Microlearning will fit seamlessly into their busy schedules. What’s more? It significantly boosts retention and adaptability.

2. Offer personalized training opportunities

Cookie-cutter employee training and development doesn’t work well anymore. Employees seem not to prefer one-size-fits-all training. Instead, they want training customized to their specific needs and goals. A whopping 80% of employees, according to a survey by TalentLMS and Vyond, believe that personalized learning will be important in 2024.

As new technology emerges to make personalization possible on a larger scale, more organizations are expected to shift towards tailoring training to individuals. Instead of just consuming a set curriculum, learners are on track to become the ones who shape their own learning paths.

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3. Cultivate a culture of continuous learning

The majority of employees (76%) prefer companies that provide ongoing training. And 84% of HR managers believe that creating a culture of learning makes a company more resilient.

This is why it’s important to encourage employees to pursue ongoing development opportunities. This corporate training resolution fosters a learning mindset within the organization. Which boosts morale and job satisfaction, and keeps skills aligned with evolving industry demands.

4. Boost digital literacy training

More and more, people rely on digital tools. So, a focus on digital literacy is paramount. Not to mention, building AI-related skills is crucial for the future. Let’s take a look:

  • As AI rises at work, 54% of HR managers claim that allocating a budget for AI training is essential
  • 85% of HR managers do plan some kind of L&D investment for training on AI-related topics
  • 74% of employees who have failed a test on cybersecurity feel safe from cybersecurity threats
  • 34% of employees claim they need training on new AI tools, yet only 29% receive training

Equip employees with all the skills they need. Invest in training focused on how to use AI tools, digital literacy, cybersecurity, and more. Ensure your teams stay proficient in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

5. Integrate DEI training

One of the most important corporate training resolutions is building awareness of the importance of DEI in the workplace. Diversity, equity, and inclusion help foster innovation, creativity, and a positive corporate culture.

So, it’s crucial to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace through targeted training initiatives. Why?

  • 48% of employees in the tech industry believe workplace training helps foster a more positive and healthy work environment
  • Building an inclusive atmosphere with respect for all kinds of diversity is helpful in battling toxicity, according to 45% of surveyed employees
  • 77% of Gen Zs find it important to work for a company that cares about diversity, equity, and inclusion

Poornima Luthra discusses diversity on TalentLMS’ podcast series, Keep It Simple. In the episode “Empathy and Inclusivity in the Workplace,” she emphasizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion involve creating environments where everyone feels valued and included, with fair rules for everyone.

poornima luthra on diversity

6. Implement more gamification elements in training

Gamified learning experiences make employee training and development more enjoyable. Participants actively participate in training and are able to retain information more effectively in gamified environments.

In a 2019 survey, employees claimed that gamification makes them more productive (87%), more engaged (84%), and happier (82%) at work. In a more recent study, the facts aren’t that far. 56% of Gen Z employees would enjoy training more if it was gamified.

In 2024, inject elements of gamification into training programs to enhance engagement and motivation. Employees will benefit from all the perks gamified learning has to offer.

7. Foster cross-functional collaboration

Employee training and development through collaboration does wonders for your teams. It helps employees from distributed teams bond more effectively. They share knowledge and skills in a setting where everyone supports each other. Even if people work from different locations and with different schedules, they are encouraged to collaborate seamlessly.

This year’s bet for trainers is to implement training programs that encourage collaboration across different departments. This corporate training resolution supports a holistic understanding of the business and promotes a unified approach to achieving organizational goals.

8. Develop resilience training

Soft skills development is always the focus of trainers. Especially in this fast-paced workplace environment with constant changes and challenges. The facts demonstrate that 8 in 10 employees find it important to get soft skills training from their company. In such uncertain times, soft skills, especially resilience, are crucial for maintaining mental wellbeing. And ensuring that employees can adapt to unexpected changes.

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9. Strengthen emotional intelligence

Boosting emotional intelligence is like turning up the volume on understanding and handling feelings. It’s not about being smart. It’s about being people-smart, too. This year, trainers focus on two main things: communicating well and caring about others.

One of the main corporate training resolutions is to create realistic scenarios for practice, fostering open communication and emphasizing active listening skills. Encourage participants to celebrate diverse strengths within groups, contributing to a collectively empathetic team dynamic. This approach equips individuals with heightened EQ, promoting effective communication and understanding in the workplace.

10. Integrate well-being with skill-building

68% of employees believe that training not directly related to work tasks but helping with their overall wellbeing will be crucial in 2024. This type of training includes mental health, staying mindful, managing finances, and taking care of their careers.

Employee development is becoming more well-rounded, linking personal growth with job-related learning. This approach doesn’t just help employees perform better at work; it also improves their overall quality of life.

Empowering training professionals to elevate workplace learning

This list is a starting point, not a finish line.

It’s not a to-do list; it’s an inspiration. Consider it a reminder that the trainers’ role is impactful, extending beyond the nature of New Year’s corporate training resolutions.

Trainers help people learn in a field that constantly evolves. It’s about seeking new and improved methods to fulfill the purpose of learning as effectively as possible. All while ensuring that learning remains a continuous and meaningful journey throughout the year. And beyond.

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