#1! TalentLMS tops the GetApp best LMS rankings for Q3 2015!
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#1! TalentLMS tops the GetApp best LMS rankings for Q3 2015!

Here at TalentLMS headquarters, building a great LMS platform is not just a business for us — it’s also our passion. Like modern-day craftsmen we take pride in our products and in how well our customers and the market at large has embraced them.

And today, we have a special reason to be proud of, as GetApp –the premiere Cloud-based business apps marketplace — has just been named TalentLMS as the #1 LMS solution in its Q3 GetRank listing of the top 25 LMS apps. That means we’re officially the best LMS around!

GetRank is GetApp’s quarterly ranking of the top 25 Cloud-based business apps across different enterprise-focused product categories (CRM, LMS, HR, etc).

GetApp uses a variety of publicly available, in-house, and third-party data to calculate each apps GetRank scores, and applies its unique in the industry methodology to weight multiple factors such us user generated reviews, integrations, mobile platforms, media presence, and security.

GetApp best lms system TalentLMS

You can read GetApp’s Q3 LMS ranking in full here.

We started working on TalentLMS with the aim to build the best and easiest-to-use Cloud-based eLearning platform, and our market success along with GetApp’s ranking us as the best LMS is a vindication of our vision and hard work.

That said, we’re also especially happy for the glowing reviews TalentLMS has received all these years from our customers at GetApps’ TalentLMS review page, and elsewhere.

Save for our Support team, which will stay put to provide you with the best support this side of the galaxy, the rest of us will now go and celebrate our victory with some champagne and M&Ms.

Then, starting again tomorrow, we’ll get back to working on making TalentLMS even better — as we don’t plan on leaving that #1 spot anytime soon.

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