Introducing Unlimited Plans for TalentLMS

Unlimited user Plans for TalentLMSGreat news again for TalentLMS users!

We are excited to introduce a number of new TalentLMS plans that come with unlimited registered users and pricing based on the unique users that login each month. The older plans are still valid.

The problem
Our previous plans are a nice fit whenever you have a predicted number of users. They also allow you to deactivate users to free positions whenever you want. However, they are not suited for highly dynamic environments where the total number of users is unknown or whenever an end-user would login only sporadically. If you sell courses online this may be your case.

The solution…

The new plans at TalentLMS are priced based on the different users that login during a month and not on the number of registered users. They also come with a soft limit which means additional users won’t be prevented from logging-in if the account limit is reached. Take a look at the full range of plans.
(Note: Switch between plans based on registered users and active users via the toggle button on top-right of your screen.)

One more thing, this version brings a new way to signup users through Social Media. If you want to easily signup users to your learning portal then we welcome you to activate this option from Account & Settings->Users->Signup (Direct+Social Media). We have also extended the Certifications to let you embed on them custom fields or the instructor name. Finally, we performed a major system upgrade that hopefully has already had an impact on your daily routine!

Until next time – have fun and keep learning!

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