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TalentFAQ: Can I use my own domain with TalentLMS ?

TalentFAQ How to use my own domainDiscussing the needs of prospective clients and interested parties can be a unique experience every time. Almost everyone has their own vision in mind when inquiring about their LMS solution; with a plan to create content and deliver courses, and a vision of the end-user and their needs, each client has a set of questions in mind when approaching us for information.

We decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions and create a series of articles to make sure everyone has those answers beforehand. Not only do we get a chance to allow you to do as effective a market research as possible, but you may also find questions you hadn’t though about asking.

We will start with a major one: “Can I use my own domain (URL) with TalentLMS?

We have a comprehensive guide on how to do that on our support page.

Let’s break down some of the elements of that question, to understand why it’s a very important feature that TalentLMS covers.

TalentLMS addresses the needs of most people who want to engage in eLearning; the reason I’m claiming that is because it can cater to a user who wants to experiment (with a free plan) to a medium/large corporation who wants to have the most that eLearning can offer, in an easy-to-use and noise free environment.

For the new user who is looking to experiment

TalentLMS offers the ability to start with a FREE plan (no strings attached, no trial periods forcing you to take rash decisions). In that case, the portal administrator is provided with a TalentLMS domain of their choice in the form of “http://USERNAME.talentlms.com”. This can be altered and changed at any time – allowing an administrator to make changes to suit his product strategy as (s)he sees fit.

For the more experienced user/corporation

TalentLMS offers the ability to map your own Domain (example www.BusinessExample.com) and use that as your link to the TalentLMS portal.

Branching Out, how does that work with my own URL?

One of the reasons why TalentLMS is such a hit with corporations is the ability to branch out. Branches are the best way for a trainer, or an organization, to have different clients without exposing them to either the same material/content or to each other.

To bring a real life example: A share of our clients is comprised of companies who offer content to trainers, who in turn offer courses to their own clients. A 3-tier system.

  1. System Administrator (Our client)
  2. Trainer (Their client(s))
  3. Trainee (end-user)

If our client wants to service many different clients with their content, the need for separation may arise, for reasons of localization (different language), or even because they are different client accounts.
Branches in TalentLMS work like separate websites; If your TalentLMS portal URL is http://MyBusiness.talentlms.com then a branch could be http://branch-MyBusiness.talentlms.com.
Users accessing your branch will not have access to either the users or the content of your main website. Effectively, you can create different TalentLMS portals incorporated within the same TalentLMS subscription, while using a centralized content database through your main TalentLMS account.

If you have assigned your personal domain to your TalentLMS portal, assigning a unique domain to each branch isn’t hard at all.

Domain mapping and branching

If you map a domain (e.g, mybusiness.com) to your original talentlms domain (e.g, mybusiness.talentlms.com) then each additional branch (e.g, abranch-mybusiness.talentlms.com) will be available as well as a sudomain of the mapped domain (e.g, abranch.mybusiness.com). For this to work you need to create an additional CNAME DNS entry that maps *.mybusiness.com to talentlms.com (similarly with what you did for the original domain).

Benefits of using your own domain and branches

For the maths tutors working from home, it offers a unique personalization; for the company, it offers a seamless integration to the already existing line of products.
Much like the interface of TalentLMS, the domain name is also a part of the identity of the portal, something which the user has full control over.

Stay tuned for more TalentFAQs!

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