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TalentFAQ: How you can translate TalentLMS using Transifex

talentfaq Locale_translate TalentLMSAlmost half-way into our second year, TalentLMS has become a global platform for instructors and learners to take advantage of online learning.

While global is a term to denote our geographic reach, and the ability of the majority of the world to speak English is a great thing, especially when you are starting up, a great deal of our clients either are, or service others who don’t speak English, or their content is in foreign languages due to the nature of the service provided (Foreign Language Trainings etc.)

TalentLMS is present in countries ranging all the way from the United States, to Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Greece and Australia, with a growing client base that take our commitment to personalization and ease-of-use at heart. A lot of our work is an indirect outcome of our clients’ work, through feedback, reports and our personal monitoring of how TalentLMS works day after day.

There is one aspect of TalentLMS which can be affected directly by our users, and this is the localization of our platform.

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How you can help

Using a platform called Transifex, TalentLMS users can volunteer to help us translate TalentLMS in their language, or any other language they wish to help us develop further, until a satisfactory level of translation has taken place and we can add it to the Live version of TalentLMS.

Once a client expresses interest to begin the development of a language, they can create an account on our personal Transifex Page and we then give them access to make contributions to that specific language.

Languages translated by over 80% can then be added as beta versions for live checking on the TalentLMS platform, for further and more personalized tweaking to take place by the translator.

To give credit where credit is due, our development team are wholly responsible for the English, French, German and Greek translations of the website, with at least 5 more languages having been completely translated by our users, and about 10 more languages currently in development.

In some cases, even the fact that some users dedicated their time to expanding our locale-base means that we can reach out to more people; this gives us great pleasure because we can enable more people’s education through our platform.

If you are interested in developing a language not found presently in TalentLMS, or continuing the development of a language currently in the works, click here to check out our Transifex page, and make sure you contact us so we can grant you access to the language of your choice.

Oh, and who knows, something good might be in it for you!



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