TalentLMS Keeps You In The Loop With Notifications

Collaborative learningWhether working in a traditional educational setting or through e-learning, there are lots of information you have to keep up with. Not just your course material, which I suppose is a given, but also stuff like upcoming tests, re-scheduled classes, test results becoming available, dates for oral examinations and tele-conferences, and tons of other things besides.

Fortunately with a modern capable LMS platform you don’t have to takes notes, check the announcements board, call your department’s secretary or visit several disparate course websites to keep tabs on these things anymore.

There is a feature that will help you out!

TalentLMS, in particular, includes a powerful and intuitive way to automate the dissemination of all this information, in a centralized manner, through the magic (well, technology) of Notifications. And the best thing is, setting up and taking advantage of this feature could not be easier.

Notifications, at their most basic, are email messages that are automatically sent to your users (instructors and/or students) when certain conditions are met. Those conditions can be time-based (“send this message to our students at a certain date”), or event-based (“send this message when a certain event has occurred”).

Events can be related to users, courses, assignments, certification, groups, and branches. In fact any concrete step or action that happens during a course (e.g. “course completion”, “assignment submission”, “certificate issued”, “grading complete”, etc), can be used as an event to triggers a notification.

How does it work?

As for the recipients of the notifications, TalentLMS can automatically send them to the users taking a course or being related to the selected event (for example a notification send on “assignment submission” can be configured to be send to the instructor giving the course or the student that just submitted his assignment). Notifications are sent through e-mail, so they can be checked at any time on any email-capable desktop, laptop or mobile phone, keeping your users always in the loop.

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The recipient/event notification system of TalentLMS is both intuitive and very flexible, allowing users to define their own notifications with a few clicks of the mouse. It, of course, also allows for custom messages, and even provides several “tags” (symbolic names) that our system automatically fills-in based on the given context. For example, in the


Hello {related_user_first_name},

We have received your assignment.

Thank you.

The tag “related_user_first_name” will automagically be replaced by the name of each student recipient, thus saving the instructor of the tedious task of manually addressing each one of them. Other variables include the course name, the date, the course’s URL, and more.

To help you keep track of your Notifications, TalentLMS’s notification management interface also provides a historical listing (or log) of notifications send, as well as a view of any pending notifications.

Last, but not least, we have already pre-configured a list of notifications for the most common events, as part of the standard setup of TalentLMS. Feel free to add your own, or customize our own to your heart’s content.

Try it in your courses!

Check this knowledge base article to see how you can create and manage Notifications in TalentLMS, and keep your students and instructors in the loop. And don’t forget to check this spot again, as we’ll be posting more basic and advanced TalentLMS tips and techniques.

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