What You Need To Know About mLearning
Mobile Learning

What You Need To Know About mLearning

Ever completed a course session during your morning walk? Just plug in those ear-phones and match your pace with that of the lesson. Let us tell you why this is such a great idea. Exercise releases endorphins that stimulate “feel good” emotions and triggers creativity in the brain. What does peaks in creativity during (and post) exercise have anything to do with effective mobile learning? Just one: advance constructive interchange.

You have this neat stack of knowledge in the deeper recesses of your mind. Lines of text or notes of audio entice those neat stacks to reshuffle and make room for more. How? You may wonder. Simple. Constructivism is at its best during your exercise. But how would you carry your learning while you walk/run/jog, in your latest smartphone or the coveted hand-held you purchased at a Black Friday? Is it really possible? A chunk of your time spared for your daily grind at the running belt multi-tasked with your daily mind exercise?

mLearning and mobile learning management is all about learning on the run (running on the learning curve?) in this and many other mundane situations that make life so beautiful. So what has mobile learning solutions actually achieved for the digitally advanced consumer? Hiked up the time slot for learning activities from the usual post-dinner to during-my-early-in-the-day-activity. This preferred activity could be catching the train to work (or back), browsing the internet on the phone during the lunch break, waiting for the dentist after work or standing at a long line at the DMV. Now that’s an achievement.

This article will cover the winning features of a mLearning platform that will enable the learning provider to achieve learner engagement when the learner is on the go.

What’s the latest buzz on mLearning? Research indicates, 35% of the world’s workforce or 1.2 billion workers is estimated to be mobile. The need for a more robust and portable learning management system is now a wish-list topper. Several elements to facilitate mobile learning have been explored. mLearning has become more meaningful for avid learners whole believe in autonomous and life-long learning.

mLearning goes beyond the technicalities behind delivering eLearning to your smartphone. It is actually layers of accommodating features that put together an engaging learning experience. With the motivation to log into the course through your favorite device already in place, the numerous advantages of mobile learning simply make the mLearner a winner (from a procrastinator).

Key Factors in Mobile Learning (mLearning)

mLearning involves a number of key factors:

  • Portability/mobility

    The most essential and basic feature of a m-Learning platform. But I do not have mobile data (roaming internet) facility in my phone. You wonder. We still think this is the basic accessory of the m-Learning ensemble. All you need is a portable m-Learning management system on a USB that you can plug and play. Another way is to download your mobile LMS on your favorite mobile device while online and be able to play your course- on the go! (didn’t we say so?)

  • Personalized access

    You can consider accessibility as an inherent feature of every mobile learning management system. Such features include (but are not limited to) your preferences in font size, color, loudness, electronic assistant, your learning avatar, and even your mentor gender. All preferences are determined through your first time log in wizard and stored for each consecutive use.

  • Context- and location-aware content

    Do you tinker with the location feature of your mobile device? Now you have one more reason to do so. Augmented learning in many courses like history or workplace dynamics is programmed in mobile learning platforms to enable realism in learning.

  • Proximity to point of performance

    Some personalized questions asked at the beginning of a learning session can yield adaptive learning materials that zero into learning styles of the learner. Check out how Kewton creates adaptive learning for all learning platforms.

  • Both formal and informal models

    Mobile learning is a suitable platform for both formal and informal learning. “Many researchers have discussed how outside-the-classroom learning activities such as experiments, unintentional discoveries, events and various experiences can be classified as informal learning (Falk & Dierking, 1998; Hull & Schultz, 2001; Khaddage & Knezek, 2013).”

  • Communication and collaboration

    Social media has lead the way to communication and collaboration standards using mobile devices. Mobile learning management systems have followed suit. Ever received a notification that your mentor just graded your assignment, directly from your mobile learning management system? Think of more possibilities.

  • Synchronized online and mobile learning

    Did you ever start a movie from the beginning after your snack-making break? In mobile learning systems, you can start and stop a course and pick up from your last stop each time!

  • Mobile virtual classroom

    Never underestimate the power of a small screen. With responsive user interface design virtual classrooms are an amazing possibility in the mobile learning platform. Click those cute little icons and move on with your learning program!

  • Social learning access

    Accommodations for research libraries and scholarly journals are now meaningful in mLearning. Speed up your learning journey with an extra layer of productivity and researching convenience.


mLearning has truly travelled a long way to bring learning to your fingertips. With the advent of communication and educational technologies reinforced by responsive website designs, mLearning has achieved several learner-preferred features. We hope you are now able to appreciate this journey from a techno-centric mobile service to learner-centric mobile learning platform.

So what’s your excuse to procrastinate your refresher course or your mandatory training program? Join the m-Learning buzz and get super-charged!

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