Why you should invest in an LMS – Infographic

Why you should invest in an LMS – Infographic

Why you should invest in an LMS - TalentLMS Infographic

With 62% of workers claiming that they don’t receive opportunities for learning and growth in their workplace, it is likely that your organization belongs to the majority that doesn’t offer their employees a corporate training program or at least a structured, organized and effective one. Understandably, such lack of training in the workplace can have multiple impacts on your corporate activities, from daily operations to long-term goals and objectives, as well as the overall corporate culture.

This could mean a variety of things, one being that your employees feel disengaged at work (87% of employees worldwide agree on that) or that they don’t reach their full potential (74% of employees agree on that too), corporate profits drop due to decreased productivity or even high employee turnover rates, regardless of the generous compensation packages.

Still, even if you’re completely aware of the benefits of training and development in an organization and how that can be effectively executed with the use of a Learning Management System, it doesn’t mean that your manager or boss shares the same point of view. Even if they did, such a decision can’t be reached based solely on a vaguely positive opinion about online corporate training.

If you recognize yourself in a situation like this and need hard facts to present to your boss in order to support your training idea, look no further than this infographic on “Why you should invest in an LMS”.

Here, we’ve summed everything up that you need to consider and refer to when reaching out to the person in charge of your organization’s learning and development strategy because when opinion-based arguments aren’t working, facts and statistics do.

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