Instructional design guides and best practices

Find out how instructional design is applied in an LMS environment and how you can use it to optimize learning courses.

Set Up A Successful Training Evaluation Using An Email Template
Instructional Design

Email template: Asking for post-training feedback

4 weeks ago by Elena Koumparaki, 10 mins to read

Instructor-Led Training: How To Engage Participants During Online And Offline Sessions
Instructional Design

Instructor-led training: How to increase participation

2 months ago by Christina Pavlou, 9 mins to read

Compliance At Work: How To Create A Successful Training Plan
Instructional Design

The ultimate guide to compliance training

4 months ago by Christina Pavlou, 11 mins to read

SEO For Online Courses: How To Optimize Your Training Portal [Tips, Tools, and Examples]
Instructional Design

How to build an SEO-friendly training portal

1 month ago by Danai Karatza, 14 mins to read

What Is Synchronous Training? [Benefits And Best Practices]
Instructional Design

Does synchronous training fit the modern workplace?

4 months ago by Christina Pavlou, 9 mins to read

Create An Online Course In Your LMS: A Step-By-Step Guide
Instructional Design

How to create an online course in your LMS

4 months ago by Christina Pavlou, 13 mins to read

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