Best 55 workplace podcasts from L&D, HR, and people management space
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Best 55 workplace podcasts from L&D, HR, and people management space

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Podcasts have become our go-to source of information, turning everyday moments into opportunities for growth. Even more so when it comes to our worklife, podcasts are an invaluable resource for navigating the twists and turns of the modern world of work.

On the heels of the first season of TalentLMS’s podcast Keep it Simple, we’re honoring some of the outstanding podcast creators. Our curated list celebrates remarkable podcasts surrounding L&D, HR, people management, and the future of work.

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Un-complicating what makes a winning workplace

1. Keep it Simple by TalentLMS

Workplaces can get complicated, but they don’t need to be. The new Keep it Simple podcast challenges business and leadership experts to cut through the noise of the corporate world and simplify what it is that makes a workplace actually work. Featuring guests from leading companies—such as Spotify, Gitlab, Nike, Glassdoor, Minecraft, and Lego—the podcast aims to untangle everything from A.I. and the future of work to upskilling and nonlinear careers. Tune in for fresh episodes every two weeks.

Learning and development (L&D) podcasts

2. The eLearning Coach Podcast by Connie Malamed

Connie Malamed, a learning experience design consultant, mentor, author, and international speaker, shares practical tips for successful online and mobile learning experiences. Listen to her interviews with expert designers, developers, authors, and professors who offer strategies for effective learning design, cognitive psychology, visual communication, and more.

3. ATD Accidental Trainer by ATD

The ATD Accidental Trainer podcast is hosted by Alexandria Clapp. It features bimonthly discussions with industry experts who share insights, trends, and practical tips for advancing your career in training and talent development.

4. Train Like You Listen by Brian Washburn

Jump into the world of L&D with the Train Like You Listen podcast, where Brian Washburn, co-founder of Endurance Learning, connects with a diverse range of experts. From seasoned professionals in learning and development to influential CEOs, each episode features useful insights for improving every training experience.

5. CIPD Podcast by CIPD

While not focused exclusively on L&D, this monthly podcast, led by CIPD learning experts, delves into various workplace subjects. The topics range from the use of AI in learning and evidence-based L&D to effective strategies for employee wellbeing.

6. The Learning Hack by John Helmer

What key innovations are influencing the future of learning? How do digital tech and scientific discoveries impact how we learn, train, and educate? Tune in to John Helmer’s discussions with those shaping the future of learning, released every two weeks.

7. The Business of Learning by The Training Industry

Produced by the Training Industry, the podcast explores the connection between business performance and employee development. Join the hosts, Michelle Eggleston Schwartz, CPTM, Training Industry’s editor-in-chief, and Sarah Gallo, CPTM, Training Industry’s senior editor, who’re picking the brain of industry experts.

8. The Overnight Trainer Podcast by Sarah Cannistra

Whether you’re just starting in L&D or you’re a seasoned learning expert, Sarah Cannistra’s podcast takes the guesswork out of the L&D space. Tune in every Tuesday for practical tips that will support your career goals.

9. The Learning Uncut Podcast by Michelle Ockers

Join Michelle Ockers and her special guests every week feature in-depth discussions, real experiences, and valuable learning insights on L&D. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced L&D professional, the podcast will help you discover new tools, inspiring stories, and helpful advice that will enrich your career path.

10. The Learning Geeks Podcast by Bob Gerard, Dana Koch, and Jake Gittleson

The Learning Geeks podcast is for everyone who is passionate about improving learning experiences. Join hosts Bob Gerard, Dana Koch, and Jake Gittleson as they chat about what’s happening in the world of learning—from new science and approaches to technologies and innovative ideas.

11. The Mind Tools L&D Podcast by Mind Tools

For those in learning and development or human resources, The Mind Tools L&D Podcast is a must-listen. Each week, special guests discuss industry trends and hot topics such as technology’s impact on work, remote learning, employee retention, and more.

12. BLOC Podcast by Heidi Kirby

Join the host of the BLOC (Building Learning and Organizational Culture) Podcast, Heidi Kirby, as she engages in thought-provoking conversations with passionate L&D professionals who are revolutionizing learning experiences and shaping organizational success.

13. The HR L&D Podcast by JGA Payroll Recruitment

The HR L&D podcast, hosted by Nick Day, payroll & HR recruitment thought leader, offers practical tips and best practices for HR and L&D executives. Delving into leadership, inclusion, wellbeing, employee engagement, and culture development, the podcast features conversations with influential HR leaders who shape the industry’s future.

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HR podcasts

14. HR Happy Hour by Steve Boese and Trish Steed

HR Happy Hour started in 2009 and is hosted by Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, and Trish Steed, CEO of H3 HR Advisors. The show features guests from various HR tech providers talking about workplace tech and its impact on work.

15. SHRM All Things Work by SHRM

All Things Work, is a podcast hosted by Tony Lee, the Vice President and Head of Content at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Each episode features conversations with thought leaders and influencers, giving you an in-depth view of everything related to work.

16. DriveThruHR – HR Conversations by Mike VanDervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane Lay and Crystal Miller-Lay

Started in 2010, the DriveThruHR podcast is all about what matters to HR professionals. Listen in as guests talk about HR technology, recruiting, talent management, leadership, organizational culture, and strategic HR.

17. HR Works by HR Daily Advisor

HR Works aims to deliver clear, helpful information that matters to HR professionals. Tune in to this weekly podcast, brought by HR Daily Advisor, for actionable insights and engaging interviews with high-authority experts and HR practitioners.

18. HR Unplugged by BambooHR

HR Unplugged is a podcast created for HR and business leaders who want to delve into the challenges of today’s workplace. Join interactive conversations with HR professionals as they tackle pressing issues in people leadership. Whether you’re looking to re-engage your team, handle social justice issues, or offer competitive pay, this podcast can be your go-to resource.

19. The HR Grapevine Podcast by HR Grapevine

Dive into the HR Grapevine podcast for in-depth discussions with working life experts. This weekly show brings you concise episodes that help you navigate through HR’s key challenges and stay updated on the latest trends and developments.

20. HRchat Podcast by The HR Gazette

Started in 2016, the HRchat Podcast features interviews with top influencers, leaders, analysts, and seasoned HR professionals. Hosted by Bill Banham and other HR enthusiasts, the show delves into diverse HR topics, including leadership, DEI, recruitment, employee engagement, performance, HR tech, and company culture.

21. Culture First by Culture Amp

Culture First uncovers the key elements for building a better world of work. Whether you’re an experienced people leader or a new manager wanting to improve your team’s culture, this podcast is just for you. Host Damon Klotz is all about figuring out how we can find meaning at work and improve the employee experience.

22. #WorkTrends by TalentCulture

Meghan M Biro on the #WorkTrends podcast from TalentCulture talks about how work is evolving. This podcast’s mission is to help you stay current with the work news and discover what inspires leading experts, HR tech vendors, and HR practitioners.

23. HR Leaders by Chris Rainey

Join Chris Rainey on HR Leaders, a podcast where he explores the future of work with industry experts and HR executives from leading global brands. Gain insights into what the future of work looks like, the reasons behind its transformation, and strategies adopted by leading organizations.

24. HR Superstars by 15Five

In 15Five’s HR Superstars podcast, you’ll hear real-life stories and useful tips from the world’s top People Ops and HR leaders. The guests touch upon topics like empowering managers, practicing strengths-based leadership, navigating difficult conversations, and making DEI an integral part of workplace culture.

25. HR Coffee Time by Fay Wallis

Tune in to HR Coffee Time with Fay Wallis, a podcast where she shares helpful tips for HR professionals. Fay, who’s been a coach and worked in HR, talks about the challenges people in the industry might face. Each week, you’ll hear her solo talks and chats with guests, including experienced HR professionals and coaches.

26. Good Morning, HR by Mike Coffey

Good Morning, HR is a podcast hosted by HR entrepreneur Mike Coffey, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. Mike’s mission is to help professionals improve how they recruit, select, and manage their workforce. Join him in chats with business thought leaders, exploring the strategic, psychological, legal, and practical sides of HR.

27. We’re Only Human by Ben Eubanks

Started in 2016, the We’re Only Human podcast provides HR professionals with insights from thought leaders in the HR and learning industry. Host Ben Eubanks interviews leading HR experts and influential vendors with the aim of helping organizations improve their HR services.

28. The HR Sound Off Podcast Show by Julie Turney

Julie Turney started this podcast to amplify HR voices and clear up misconceptions about the human resources industry. In each episode, Julie talks with HR executives, covering industry news, trending HR topics, best practices, and more.

29. HR Party of One by BerniePortal

HR Party of One presents compelling conversations about current challenges and emerging trends in HR. Each episode delivers intriguing insights covering various topics, such as hiring, culture, technology, leadership, and more.

30. Vantage Influencers’ Podcast by Vantage Circle

In the Vantage Influencers podcast, brought by Vantage Circle, HR thought leaders discuss engagement, compensation, benefits, and all things HR.

People management podcasts

31. Working It by Financial Times

Every Wednesday, the host of the Working It podcast, Isabel Berwick, provides expert analysis and casual conversations about cutting-edge workplace trends, influential ideas shaping today’s workplace, and the outdated practices we should let go of.

32. HBR IdeaCast by Harvard Business Review

HBR IdeaCast, a weekly podcast by Harvard Business Review, brings together leading voices in business and management. Tailored for professionals seeking diverse insights, hosts Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch, editors at HBR, interview experts on crucial workplace issues such as productivity, innovation, and effective employee management.

33. The Josh Bersin Podcast by Josh Bersin

In this podcast, Josh Bersin, well-known for his expertise in talent management, corporate learning, and leadership practices, provides essential insights for staying current in HR. With a focus on discussion topics like HR tech, strategy, and industry events, Bersin’s episodes are a valuable resource for anyone keen on staying ahead in the dynamic world of human resources.

34. People Managing People by David Rice

The People Managing People podcast, hosted by David Rice, features best-selling authors, culture innovators, and thought leaders, covering topics like the future of work, retention, leadership, workplace culture, and employee performance. Through their real-life examples and stories, you’ll discover practical strategies for creating happy and thriving workplaces.

35. WorkLife by Adam Grant

WorkLife is hosted by organizational psychologist Adam Grant. Join him as he ventures into the minds of diverse professionals, unraveling the ways of making work more enjoyable. From tackling procrastination to bouncing back from burnout, each episode challenges you to view your work from a fresh perspective.

36. The Learning Leader Show by Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk, the host of The Learning Leader Show, chats with top leaders, including CEOs, special forces operators, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and professional athletes, to share their inspiring leadership stories.

37. All Hands by Lattice

Every week, Katelin Holloway in All Hands, interviews CEOs, founders, and leading people leaders examining effective leadership strategies. Their conversations unveil interesting success stories, shedding light on best practices to put your people first.

38. Supermanagers by Fellow

Supermanagers is a podcast for leaders and managers looking for insights on leading teams and businesses. Hosted by Aydin Mirzaee, CEO at Fellow, the show features insightful interviews with top executives, exploring topics like management, leadership, remote work, productivity, workplace culture, employee engagement, and more.

39. Transform Your Workplace by Xenium HR

Tune in to the Transform Your Workplace podcast for key insights and strategies for creating an exceptional workplace. Every week, Brandon Laws and his guests, including industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs, explore engaging topics—from HR and culture to business development and leadership strategies.

40. The World of Work Podcast by Jane Stewart and James Carrier

Join Jane Stewart and James Carrier to learn how to improve your individual, team, and organizational performance. This podcast blends essential theories from organizational psychology and management with practical insights, offering a clear understanding of the factors influencing the world of work.

41. How We Work by Workhuman

How We Work by Workhuman is a podcast about the trends, issues, and experiences shaping our work. The hosts chat with innovative CHROs and business leaders about challenging topics around building and sustaining strong cultures.

42. Happiness at Work by Management 3.0

Elisa Tuijnder, happiness enthusiast, hosts the Happiness at Work podcast, releasing episodes twice a month focused on how to build a happy workplace. In each episode, successful leaders, managers, authors, entrepreneurs, and experts share their stories on how they bring joy to work while living lives full of passion and purpose.

43. Thriving at Work by Workr Beeing

In the Thriving at Work podcast, organizational psychologists and workplace experts Dr. Patricia Grabarek and Dr. Katina Sawyer discuss how workplace wellness can help employees excel at work. Drawing from cutting-edge research, they share simple practices to help you and your business achieve your full potential.

Future of work podcasts

44. Managing the Future of Work by Harvard Business School

Explore the ever-changing landscape of the future of work with Harvard Business School’s Managing the Future of Work podcast. Professors Bill Kerr and Joe Fuller, along with their expert guests, dive into hot trends like AI and the gig economy, unraveling how these are shaping the nature of work.

45. Digital Workplace Impact by Digital Workplace Group

Digital Workplace Group’s Nancy Goebel explores trends and strategies influencing emerging digital work environments. The podcast covers a range of digital workplace topics and involves a diverse mix of thought leaders, practitioners, and workplace experts.

46. The Shape of Work by Springworks

Join Springworks’ podcast for valuable insights about the future of work and technology’s impact on work models, leadership, and employees. Each episode features experienced managers sharing their thoughts on putting people first in the digital era.

47. NOW of Work by Mercer and Leapgen

The Now of Work podcast by Mercer and Leapgen focuses on all things HR and the future of work. The episodes explore how the new way of working merges with traditional work models.

48. Redefining Work by Lars Schmidt

Redefining Work is a podcast that explores the changing landscape of work. Every week, Lars Schmidt chats with industry-shaping leaders, discussing how the world of work looks today and what it will be like in the future.

49. Future-Focused by Christopher Lind

Hosted by Christopher Lind, a digital-first learning and talent development leader, this podcast features unbiased and in-depth conversations with thought leaders, offering insights into the intersection of business, technology, and the human experience. The discussions focus on how we can react to the changes brought by digital transformation to remain flexible and ahead of the curve.

50. The Digital Adoption Show by Whatfix

The Digital Adoption Show is packed with practical tips and real stories from experienced leaders in organizational development, leadership, learning, psychology, and education. Tune in to this biweekly podcast, co-hosted with HR and L&D thought leaders, where seasoned executives share their top strategies for driving digital adoption and growth.

51. Digital Workplace Deep Dive Podcast by Unisys

In the Digital Workplace Deep Dive podcast, each of the episodes goes deep into different aspects of the future of work. By talking to experts in the field, Weston Morris looks into how technologies like AI, IoT, automation, analytics, cloud, and mobile impact the digital workplace.

52. Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today by Spectrum Digital

This podcast’s mission is to keep you in the loop on the latest trends and changes in the future of work. Expert guests are discussing pressing issues, from emerging technologies—including AI, the Internet of Things, and process automation—to shifting work habits.

53. New World Of Work by Oyster

New World of Work is a podcast that delves into the evolving landscape of the modern workplace. In every episode, you’ll listen to insights from thought leaders and culture experts covering hot HR topics such as the remote work revolution, hybrid workspaces, and leading distributed teams.

54. Digital HR Leaders by David Green

In today’s workplace, HR executives need to have the skills to process, produce, and leverage digital information. In this podcast, David Green speaks to a range of senior HR leaders about the ways to adopt a data-driven and digital HR strategy. Every episode features thought-provoking conversations with leaders driving digital transformation in their organizations.

55. Reimagining Work From Within by Within People

Reimagining Work is a monthly podcast that discusses what’s happening in the culture and leadership space. The podcast discussions are about making businesses better by bringing out the best in people, improving culture, and working together to lead the future of work.

Wrapping up and tuning in

This comprehensive list will help you stay up-to-date with the latest work trends and news, along with developments in workplace learning, people management, and HR. Whether you’re looking for insights on learning and growth or want to tune into discussions about the future of work, the featured podcasts cover it all. So, if you’re on the hunt for inspiration, knowledge, or a deeper understanding of today’s workplace, look no further—pick your favorite show and hit play.

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