Creating a Learning Strategy


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Course overview

Creating a new learning and development strategy, and not sure where to begin? Hint: it’s not with the blind rollout of the latest new tech and digital resources. L&D strategy is so much more than offering new ways of learning. Why you’re delivering the learning is your top priority. How you’re delivering it comes 2nd. 

Good learning strategy ultimately comes down to meeting concrete business goals. You also get a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, which is never a bad thing. This course breaks down how to create a learning strategy that’s perfectly aligned with your company’s goals. You’ll soon see a return on the investment as learning strategies boost both performance and profit.

What's covered

The characteristics of a strong and effective learning strategy

How to align your learning and development strategy with the goals of your company

Success metrics to measure your progress toward success

Why your teams need this course

This course offers essential insights to anyone working in L&D, HR, or leadership. They’ll learn what makes a learning strategy successful, and how to create their own strategy that perfectly aligns with the needs of the business.

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