OKRs – Vision, Planning & Measuring


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Course overview

Diving into your company’s Objectives and Key Results, or OKRs, can feel daunting. If you’re not used to them, they can seem complex. Where do you even begin? There are so many goals your business wants to achieve and so many different ways of doing things. But don’t worry. This course will help.

It’s important for leaders to go back to basics and follow the OKR process. They need to look at your company’s vision, how the OKRs fit into that, and how to plan for success. They’ll also benefit from having systems in place to help them work out how to measure progress.

What's covered

How to clarify your OKRs to stay aligned with your company’s vision

Key planning steps you must take to stay on track

How to implement a framework to help you measure your OKRs

Why your teams need this course

Managers, team leaders, and business leaders are in charge of guiding your company and setting OKRs. This course can simplify the process by helping them align OKRs with your company’s vision, plotting steps to stay on track, and building frameworks to help you measure the company’s success.

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