OKRs vs KPIs


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Course overview

Do you always know exactly how your team’s doing? It’s up to the leaders to look at the big picture and see what’s working, and what’s not. They can monitor their team’s performance by using frameworks and metrics, such as OKRs and KPIs. But what exactly are they? Don’t they both just do the same thing?

OKRs, or Objective and Key Results, provide a framework for setting goals and measuring progress. KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are a set of metrics that can be used to analyze performance and decide what OKRs are necessary. It’s up to your managers and team leaders to make sure OKRs and KPIs are working together for your teams, not against them.

What's covered

The unique advantages of setting KPIs and OKRs

The key differences between OKRs and KPIs

How best practices can help OKRs and KPIs work together

Why your teams need this course

Team leaders, managers, and anyone working at a senior level, needs to know how to make KPIs and OKRs work together to their teams’ advantage. This course will help them understand the unique qualities of KPIs and OKRs, their differences, and how they can work in harmony.

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