Privacy & Dignity


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No. of mini-lessons 3

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Course overview

Everyone needs a little privacy. Protecting what’s unique and personal to you is a basic human right. But, if you end up in a situation where you need to be cared for by another person, this right can be compromised.

In healthcare, protecting the privacy and dignity of people your staff are looking after is vital, because they may not have the capacity to do that for themselves. But what does privacy and dignity mean, and how do you make sure these basic rights are defended? This course will answer that.

What's covered

Privacy and dignity within a healthcare setting

The need for upholding the privacy and dignity of people in your care

Best-practice advice to maintain a high standard of privacy and dignity

Why your teams need this course

For healthcare workers and medical or health assistants, maintaining the privacy and dignity of those they're caring for is part of their day-to-day job, and one of their legal responsibilities. This course will explain why it's vital for patients or clients to be able to keep their dignity in every situation, and how your staff can make sure that that happens.

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