Handling Patient Data


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Course overview

Data is everywhere. From companies storing our payment or address data, to the information we post on social media, huge amounts of our lives are on record. And while that’s useful, it all needs handling in the correct way to protect our privacy.

This couldn’t be truer when it comes to patient data, which can contain some of the most sensitive information about an individual. So, healthcare settings must handle patient data very carefully. And in many countries, it’s a legal duty to do so.

What's covered

Why upholding patient confidentiality is an important legal and ethical duty

What data must be protected

Best-practice advice to handle patient data correctly

Why your teams need this course

Staff in healthcare settings are likely dealing with sensitive patient data every day, so it’s vital they know how to do this correctly. For healthcare workers, and medical and healthcare assistants, this course can help. It explores the handling of patient data, looking at why patient confidentiality is crucial, what data needs protecting, and how.

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