8 Must-Read Articles About mLearning

talentlms_blog_knowledgeIf you ask eLearning specialists about the future of online education, most of them will point to mobile learning. Due to constantly growing mobile market, it’s understandable that learning technology develops in this direction and overlooking this opportunity to improve, can be a big mistake.

E-Learning is all about making the process of learning easier, more effective and accessible despite where and when students want to learn. It makes mobile devices a perfect tool that just courts to make use of it.

Whether you like the idea of learning from your phone or not, mobile learning is the thing. That’s why we chose 8 articles to share with you so you can learn more about mLearning.

1. Revolutionizing education with mLearning

We already know the advantages of mobile learning and that it is making its way to become the most important improvement to traditional education, but everyone is still wondering how will it influence schools and eLearning platforms. With this list of 10 ways mobile learning is revolutionizing learning as we know it, it’s easier to understand why mobile devices are a milestone in education history.

2. mLearning as the future of workplace learning

Great set of statistics and insights about mLearning served in a form of an infographic explaining why mobile devices based learning is the future of workplace learning. If you’re still not convinced that mLearning is here to stay, this infographic will show you numbers and charts to prove that mLearning growth is not only needed but also unavoidable.

3. Key steps to creating mobile learning program

5 essentials about mLearning that everyone who considers implementing mobile learning program should read. If you’re looking for key steps you have to take, this is the place where you will find them. Kathrina Schwartz also answers questions and solves problems that may occur on your first try

4. Games in the service of effective mobile learning

It’s been proven many times that fun is the best way to learn. Add augmented reality and blended learning experience to it and you can get ready for a great success. The author gives us an insight to how and why education games on mobile devices are working wonders when it comes to engaging learners and providing effective learning. You will also find a list of 10 mLearning games and their descriptions to understand the subject even better.

5. mLearning for schools

Wondering if mLearning can actually work for schools? Here’s a great insight to developing mLearning by California’s Merced Union Highschool Districts and Lake Washington Highschool District that not only provided students with opportunity to use mLearning but also took advantage of mobile technology to engage students. And they made it work.

6. mLearning trends you should know

mLearning is progressing so fast it’s hard to follow all new trends and directions but if you want to use it to the fullest, you need to know where it’s approaching and how you can take advantage of it. This list of three most important trends will help you understand where mLearning is going.

7. 50 tips and resources about mLearning

Great, comprehensive and meaty ebook about mLearning that consists over 50 quick tips for everyone who’s looking for ways to improve their eLearning offer with mobile technologies. This ebook will show you every way imaginable to use mLearning and give you a list of resources to read for next few weeks.

8. Reusing eLearning content

Although reusing your eLearning content for creating mobile courses is not always the best idea, sometimes it’s a great way to improve the effectiveness of the education process for your learners. With these 10 essentials, you will learn how to reuse the content to empower your eLearning and not just copy it to the smaller screen.

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