Amazing ROI with eLearning
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Amazing ROI with eLearning

The eLearning hype is way behind us. We have now entered the future we had anticipated. A future with “click and go” facilities through technology. A future with convenience.

We have managed to overcome most obstacles in our workflow. We are now able to separate the human factor with the technology assisted factors in our daily life. From the palm of our hand to the tip of our fingers, accessibility to information has been re-defined using eLearning technologies.

Just when you thought “will wonders ever cease?”, eLearning continued to deliver amazing returns on investment in multiple forms.

ROI with eLearning

Let us remind you how eLearning enriches your life with knowledge and power.

  • The Pareto Principle
    Did you know that the 20% of the workforce in your organization generates 80% of your business? That’s a big figure, considering the value they bring in (or don’t bring). A knowledge development culture is the key to increase the 20% as well as improve the talent in productive employees.
  • Saves Time
    Research indicates that technology based training saves 45% time than classroom based training all because it is self-paced and asynchronous. Think about your employees accessing their training while riding the bus to work or waiting at the doctor’s office. Interesting training programs are like exciting stories.Motivated learners want to complete and apply their newly acquired knowledge as soon as they can! eLearning actually minimizes the time away from work. If employees cannot make it to work for a reason, they can still catch up on meetings and live discussions as well communities of practice collaboration sessions.
  • Saves Money
    Think about savings in terms of gas in your car or the cost of an in-class training program as compared to an online version. Now imagine if this training is held in London, and also has an online option. Calculate your airfare to London and add it to your eLearning cost calculations! eLearning has established itself as a highly cost-effective teaching and learning strategy. Think about reaching out to a global audience, especially with several branches of the same company.
  • Maintains Consistency
    Despite delivering your content to the global learning community, you can maintain consistency despite the translations and language discrepancies. This gives more control to the learners, who can perceive your content according to their personal experiences and work context (active and personalized transformational learning).Also, the facilitator moderating your training program will have little influence on the content, its sources and its references. The quality of the learning materials will be maintained consistently. This ensures the best practices and preservation of expert guidance in your content.
  • Delivers Personalized Learning
    Another great deal about innovative measuring tools embedded in learning management environments is that they allow systems to analyze learning and information retrieval behavior and preferences of learners. This provides valuable data to the learning program developers who can tweak the content or its delivery to suit the local learning body. This creates a meaningful and relevant learning environment and material for the learner.
  • Greater Information Retention
    Storytelling, scenario-based learning, location based data exchange, interactive elements as well as assessment items create compelling online learning environments that engage and maintain task retention for most learners. Memorization and recall of facts and procedures has also proven to be more efficient when material is deployed online, as compared to an in-class learning environment.
  • Greater Learner Satisfaction
    eLearning training environments are flexible. This means, they offer opportunities for the development of a variety of course formats. Just-in-time job aids or quick view learning aids satisfy the immediate training needs of learners who need to apply and perform through direct instruction.eLearning leads to enhanced learner satisfaction and pleasure, leading to life-long learning habits. An effective eLearning program yields an effective learning organization that performs in compliance with organizational goals.
  • Lower Employee Turnover
    Ultimately, placing the right eLearning training programs with the organization removes the need to down-size, hire and train new staff.

eLearning is here to stay. With the improved performance scores, both in learning and work context, derived through eLearning, the popularity of this knowledge development strategy is gaining rapid momentum.

Return on investment is naturally the greatest using online learning media. With more technologies and applications available and compatible with each other, the use of eLearning is widespread and continues to bring in more ROI.

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