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Building custom reports with Talentlms

New Features 2014Custom reports is a new addition to Talentlms that greatly enriches the reporting functionality of the system.

In essence, custom reports let you report on the progress of a subset of users. What makes it important is that they give you full control on the characteristics of this subset and that you can perform mass actions on the returned users. In this post, I will give a few examples of custom reports usage that address real world needs.

Example 1: Communication
Assume that you want to send a message to all users that have not logged in to the system for a prolonged period of time. In order to achieve that you could create a simple, custom report that returns all users that have not logged in during the last, say, 5 days (picture 1) and then from the mass actions menu send a message to those users (picture 2).

Picture 1: Select users without activity

Picture 1: Select users without activity


Picture 2: Mass message to users

Example 2: Mixed objects reporting
Talentlms already offers a number of reports for courses, groups and branches. What you could not do though is to report on users from multiple courses, groups and branches in one coherent report. Custom reports let you do that in a straightforward manner. For example, you can report on all users that belong to Branch-A and Branch-B but not Group-A (picture 3).


Picture 3: Selecting Multiple Branches and Groups

Example 3: Mass actions
Another important usage of custom reports is as a tool to perform mass actions. For bigger Talentlms installations mass actions can produce substantial time savings. Say, you created a new Group-B and would like to copy all users from Group-A to Group-B. You can easily achieve that effect by creating a report for users on Group-A and then using the “Add to group” mass action to copy them to Group-B (picture 4).


Picture 4: Mass actions

The above usages are just the tip of the iceberg, as custom reports have a lot of depth and breadth. Especially mass actions may be a much appreciated system extension under a vast number of cases.

Have any suggestions for further improving Custom reports? You may either post your comment below or add it on the feature ideas portal.

(Note: Custom reports are available from Plus plan upwords)

  • Romain Poncet

    Is it possible with custom reports to find the actual utilisation of a course learning objects?
    Eg. I want to have a list of every action done on any resource by a given user in a given course.