TalentLMS is NOT in BETA anymore
TalentLMS Features & Updates

TalentLMS is NOT in BETA anymore

After several months of Beta testing and refining, TalentLMS has been officially released today, October 5th.

This is just the first of many steps towards building the best learning tool for small organizations. And boy, we have a very active Roadmap!

TalentLMS is based on People, Principles and Technology. In this short post I would love to talk a bit about all three of them.

We focus on People

We’ve got a nice team here. We do not focus on brilliant individuals (though we do have a few!) but on building a winning team. We understand that everyone has his or her role as long as we all agree on the goal and the right attitude for achieving it. I would especially like to personally thank our technical team responsible for building TalentLMS. A big thanks goes out to Periklis, Andreas, Vasilis and Christos.

We focus on Principles

The right product is based on the right principles. From the beginning we had a very simple goal with TalentLMS: to make eLearning a reality for the majority of small businesses. Currently, only a tiny fraction of small businesses (say, up to 200 users) invest in learning in any form.  And there is good reason for that – starting from “I don’t get it” to having bad experiences for the brave few who try it. In essence what eLearning has offered till now is a lot of work with little benefit.

In TalentLMS we revisit and rethink everything surrounding eLearning – from how to make it super-easy to start with, to creating courses in a few minutes, optimizing the user experience, maximizing the learning value and making it affordable for small businesses. We improved and simplified all aspects of the equation to turn eLearning from a no-go to a big YES.

We focus on Technology

Building such a tool was above all fun. We had to work with new technologies like Bootstrap for the UI, Stripe for the payments, Rackspace for the cloud servers,  Amazon S3 for file handling, Asana for project management, Transifex for localization and UserVoice for feedback and support. We tried almost everything we wanted to try for a long time. In essence we created a playground for developers. And hopefully, you will find the results satisfactory.

So, are you ready to start? Here is a list of 4 things to do to start with:

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