Top 10 Articles About Flipped Classroom

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Flipped Classroom is one of the most popular trends in education nowadays, so I am sure most of you have heard about it.
But do you know what exactly means the term ‘Flipped Classroom’ and what options it gives to teachers and learners? The concept seems simple but there’s a lot more to it than you think.
We gathered for you 10 articles defining flipped classroom, showing different points of view on this new teaching method and there are also some tips for those of you who decide to flip the classroom.

1. The Definition Of The Flipped Classroom

To talk about the different aspects of a flipped classroom, first we have to understand what does it mean and what it is about this classroom that has been flipped that makes it unique. In this article there is a short definition and a clarifying image of a Flipped Classroom, but apart from it there is also a paragraph with Criticism Of The Flipped Classroom.

2. The Flipped Classroom Guide for Teachers

Before introducing flipped classroom to students, teachers will have to get used to the new situation and learn how to make a student-centered classroom. In this article Christopher Pappas gives you 6 important tips on how to successfully flip your classroom. You will also read here the top advantages and disadvantages of this model and watch two videos showing an example of a working flipped classroom.

3. The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping Your Class

If you think about Flipping your classroom, what do you think can be the biggest hurdle? In opinion of Jon Bergmann – the pioneer of Flipped Classrooms, the biggest Hurdle to Flipping the classroom is that the teachers have to flip their thinking about class time. In this article he shares his opinion of Flipped Classrooms and how it has changed his teaching career.

4. Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos

In most of the sources about flipped learning, there is a view that teachers have to make videos for learners instead of a ‘normal’ lecture, but is it really the only good solution when there is so much ready-to-use content available? In this article Catlin Tucker expresses her slightly different view on the content delivered to learners. She also notices that more important than the fact of learning is what are we asked to do with this information.

5. 5 Reasons Flipped Classrooms Work

So now we know what the Flipped Classroom is. As the opinions about it are mixed I will show you arguments of both sides, so you can read it and decide which side you support. This article shows five reasons why the Flipped Classrooms work, each of the reasons is based on statements from people who worked with flipped classroom and were pleased with its results. 

6. Five Reasons I’m Not Flipping Over The Flipped Classroom

As the previous article shows advantages of Flipped Classrooms, now it’s time to meet the opposite point of view. In this article you will find 5 reasons why flipping the classroom is not such a good idea. The author – Lisa Nielsen certainly sees benefits in flipping instruction, but as she says, there are also reasons to move ahead with caution. 

7. Can Flipped Classrooms Help Students Learn?

This article is a try to find out if Flipped Classrooms can really help the students learn. In opinions of authors of this post, rather than ask if flipped classrooms are “good” or “bad”, we should try to understand the conditions and context under which flipped classrooms actually improve learning. And to say more, we cannot decide if it is only “bad” or only “good” because it depends on the environment. Flipped classroom is not a universal solution.

8. Student Perceptions of the Flipped Classroom – New Research

We already know teachers’ point of view on the Flipped Classroom, but as every classroom consists of teachers and learners, we also need know the other side’s opinion. In this article we can read about student perception of their learning and also some aspects of Flipped Classrooms which according to learners should be improved. 

9. The Flipped Classroom [Infographic]

As always, this time we also found an infographic for you. This infographic shows a short and nice definition of Flipped Classroom, but also the roots of this idea, what’s driving it (statistics). It also shows what flipped classroom looks like and last but not least, we can see really interesting results arising from Flipped Classroom.

10. 4 Tips for Flipped Learning

So what’s your opinion? Are you flipping over the Flipped Classroom? Flipping the classroom may be intimidating, but if this method of teaching seems to be promising to you, and you want to make it a part of your education program, in this article there are four tips for you to make the transition smoother and more impactful.

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